OK, I am beginning to get excited! Only 3 more days!


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Apr 14, 2004
I am starting to get excited and just had to share LOL. We leave Friday morning for our long drive down to FL! :cool1: We should get there on Sat night (we are driving) and we aren't coming back here until June 16th. I can't wait for everyone to see how much the girls have grown (Holly was 8mos last year when we visited) and DH hasn't been able to go back home for the past 2 yrs. We are hitting WDW, SW, BG, US/IOA, the beach, St Augustine, etc while we are there to get our "fix" (there is NOTHING to do up here *sigh*). DH is so happy we are going to MGM during SWW and wants to go with our cousins to see SWE3 in the theatre (Belleview has a $4 matinee so I hope it is playing there LOL). I just today started packing the girls' bags since I had to drag out the storage totes for their summer clothes LOL (it is still chilly here). I will have to buy Remy some more shorts/sandles while we are there though since she apparently just had a stinkin' growth spurt.

Also my 26th Birthday is May 30th (memorial day) and we are going to have a BIG BBQ blowout with my family and old friends. This is the first birthday in 3 yrs I will be home for!! :cheer2: I already told my mom I want a giant cookie cake from the mall (I always wanted one growing up LOL).

Ok, and this is a little sad, but I am the most excited over the fact that there will be MEGA SHOPPING there! I have already lined up several "shopping battle buddies" to hit all the sales, thrifts, yard/garage/flea market sales, outlets.... :love: :cloud9: After all, I need more stuff to sell on ebay to fund our vacation next year LOL (this is my story and I am sticking to it). :banana:


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