Oh No! Where should we stay? Dolphin or CBR?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by MinnieMA, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. MinnieMA

    MinnieMA Guest

    Ok, We are leaving in 12 days for Disney. We have reservations at the Dolphin with the teacher rate at $129/night. However, now I can get CBR for $109/night with American Express. I have stayed there twice before and have loved it! What should I do!!!! I am soooo confused. We were going to stay at CBR originally, but it was $180/night, which I thought was rediculous. So we went with the dolphin. Now that CBR is cheaper, I am so confused I don't know what to do! I know others on these boards have been in similar situations. Can you tell me what you chose to do? Where should I stay? any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. EpcotBill

    EpcotBill DIS Veteran

    Mar 13, 2001
    Why don't you split your stay between the two. That way you get to check out the Dolphin and get to stay at your favorite moderate.
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  4. BobBrazeal

    BobBrazeal DIS Veteran

    Feb 5, 2001
    Sorry that I can't compare CBR to the Dophin as I haven't stayed at the Dolphin. I do love CBR and could do a lot with that $240+ savings.
  5. CaliforniaDreaming

    CaliforniaDreaming #1 Grand Floridian Fan/Expert

    Jan 27, 2001
    I'd go with the CBR! Save the money! :) You know you love CBR, and that's where you originally wanted to saty!

    Have fun!!!
  6. CamColt

    CamColt Moderator Moderator

    Aug 7, 2000
    I havent stayed at either, but from what you have said, it sounds like you really like CBR, and that was your first choice. The savings is just an added bonus. I would go for that.
  7. Trekker

    Trekker I've gone to find myself, If I return make me stay

    Feb 1, 2001
    I've stayed at both and they are completely different resorts. CBR being many different buildings / spread out and Dolphin being one large Hotel. They really do feel different.

    I think CBR is special to us because it is the first resort we ever stayed at.
  8. tampafan

    tampafan Mouseketeer

    Mar 3, 2001
    CBR is my favorite hotel, so I would stay there ..... but I also like to try new things. We stayed at the Swan with the teacher rate last year and had a great time. Being able to walk into Epcot and MGM is certainly nice. The boat ride is kind of cool too. We also found it fun to walk around Boardwalk at night. Another thing to consider is that Disney resort pools are heated and the Grotto pool at the S/D is definately NOT! If you were planning to swim, it will likely be too cool for you - keep in mind that I live in Fla and I break out winter coats below 65 degrees.:D
  9. MajorWoody

    MajorWoody The View From My Office

    Jan 28, 2002

    A few things to consider.

    The benefits of The Dolphin are the location between Epcot & MGM, and the fact you don't need to wait on bus lines for either park. You can walk to either, or take a boat, which is a nice ride either way. You also can stroll the Boardwalk at night without having to worry about transportation back to a resort. You didn't say if you'll have a car on this trip, so if you don't this is a big plus. You could possibly end up with a fantastic view from your room, although it is not guaranteed. There are also numerous eateries in close proximity, between BW, Y&BC, and the Swan & Dolphin, that are easily accesible by foot.

    The drawbacks of the Dolphin ( in my opinion) are the lack of Disney themeing, and the atmosphere is more of a generic corporate hotel. The grotto pool is DEFINITELY NOT heated, as another poster posted. You can not use your room key for WDW charges, outside of the Swan & Dolphin.

    The benefits of CBR, are of course you save a few hundred clams on the price. You have Disney themeing and atmosphere. You have Disney charging priviledges. You have nice sized rooms for a moderate.

    The drawbacks are (again, in my opinion) : If you are dependent on Disney transportation, the CBR busses always seem to have the longest lines, and you are limited in your destinations outside of parks, without making time consuming transfers. You have a limited restaurant selection at CBR. You could conceivably end up on the far side of the beach, which is quite a hike to main buildings.

    Hope that helps,

    Take care,

  10. MinnieMA

    MinnieMA Guest

    Thanks to all who have responded...is there anybody else out there that can convince me that one is better than the other??? Thanks sooooo much!!!
  11. cathyz

    cathyz Mouseketeer

    Aug 18, 1999
    I guess it really depends on your focus at WDW. I've only stayed at Swan/Dolphin & YC (EPCOT area) & POLY, GF & WL (MK area). Most recently, GF. DH and I decided we wouldn't pay the $ for GF again - simply because of the transportation. We LLOVE EPCOT and MGM! To us, walking through the International Gateway at EPCOT is the absolute BEST. And, being able to walk to MGM is a giant plus! I don't ever remember waiting more than 5 mins. for a bus at any of the EPCOT resorts.

    My vote, I know I'm in the minority, would be for the Swan/Dolphin - mainly because of the location. Plus, it is a deluxe. Now, I've never done moderate (Gosh, that sounds so snobby - sorry!), but I would think that for $20 that would be a great upgrade.

    BUT, if you have your own car or maybe a different agenda (perhaps you're not wild about EPCOT) - maybe CBR would be a better choice. I personally just love the EPCOT area!

    Have fun whatever you decide!
  12. Blondie

    Blondie ~*~*~*~<br><font color=blue>This TF always enjoys

    Aug 18, 1999
    There would be no question for me, The Dolphin!

    Your trying to compare a moderate resort with a deluxe resort. Contrary to what was already posted, we think the Dolphin has all the theming you could ask for. The grounds are beautifully landscaped, the CM's are pleasant, housekeeping impeccable (our room was cleaned by noon every day--at our Disney stays, we'd be lucky if they were cleaned by 2PM!) and lots of dining options!

    If you join the Starwood Preferred Guest program, you may end up with a balcony and view like we had.

    Check out my view here.

    You can also read day one of my trip report by clicking here!

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