Offsite: Windsor Hills or Reunion


Jun 17, 2013
Looking for a little input. We are going as a family of 10 in 2018 and are trying to decide between Windsor Hills or Reunion. I know that Windsor Hills is closer to Disney, is this a game changer?

Reunion seems a little more ‘deluxe’ and spread out but we have narrowed down what section of Reunion we’d like to stay.

Would appreciate feedback from others who have stayed at one or both.

Many thanks!


Mar 12, 2018
I think it depends on what you want. Windsor Hills is not a resort in any way. Each unit is different and managed differently. Basically those places are bring your own everything - personal care, toilet paper, paper towel etc. It's someone's house you are renting. So you'll have pots/pans, cooking utensils, plates/cups. Looks at all the threads on Windsor Hills.


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