"Official" 2022 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party


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Oct 8, 2008
Tickets went on sale at midnight EST. Be sure you are logged into your account to order. Since it is only open to resort guests until July 7, you won’t be able to access tickets if you are not signed in. I had a moment of panic when it said they were now on sale for resort guests, but I couldn’t click anything. Once I logged in, I was able to click the arrow to access. Newbie mistake! This is our first Christmas party!


Feb 13, 2010
Super excited, I was logged in at midnight and got the date we needed. I am not thrilled about the cost, and would have preferred the after hours type event like last year BUT this is a do-over only kid trip for our youngest DD. She got sick on morning two of her original only-kid trip and we promised her we’d re-do it.
If not for the timing, I’m not sure we would pay this much, but I am glad we were able to get the tickets.


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Oct 14, 2019
Got my ticket for the first party! I enjoyed the after hours event last year, but I’m excited to experience the full party (even if there’s a ton more people than last year). This will be a great closer for my runDisney Wine & Dine trip.


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May 1, 2018
I'm prepared to be swallowed by crowds on Dec 22nd at this party but thats okay haha. We picked Christmas week bc its going to be the first Christmas without my mom so I'm treating this trip with super mellow expectations. I just need a Disney Christmas and if I'm getting trampled while waiting for a parade... well, that's just fine at least I'm at Disney and not at home feeling sad. :rotfl2:


Nov 17, 2013
Thanks for posting that tickets were "live" and you had success. I couldn't get the app or Microsoft Edge to work. They just returned to the same page. Used Safari browser on the phone and that did work. I have no idea why for any of it.


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Jul 29, 2018
Got ours for the 15th. It will be our first Christmas party, so we're excited!

The event ticket page was being weird and kept saying to come back later. It's a good thing I had the actual Christmas party page bookmarked too, and I just used the link from there. I was obviously logged in. Weird Disney site being weird as always.


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Aug 12, 2011
Thank you! We're doing both Oogie Boogie Bash at Disneyland plus this one (I know, I know) and both tickets go on sale on the same day! Relieved to see the times look to be different!
Same here. We got our MVMCP tickets for 11/15 now to try to get OBB for 9/15.. good luck this morning, we're gonna need it!