Odds of more codes for the latter half of the year if economy improves


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Apr 23, 2000
Just read over on the CB someone talking to a CM (yes, I know not all CMs are in the know, but let's just go with this for a little bit) who said that business is REALLY up at the parks and that she (CM) was told that if it keeps up things will be back t normal by summer - INCLUDING EE!

My real question involves room rates...now I really didn't watch for codes/discounts religiously until last January, when the first slew of codes came out, and preceded to be out for nearly all of 2001. Aside from DC and AP rates, were public codes out there? Were they hard to find?

*IF* what this CM says pans out, those ofyou who have followed rates longer than I have, whatdo you thinkg will happen in the latter half of the year?

Right now there are public codes through June 22 and AP rates through the end of September. From what you remember, will we see anything past June and September, based on past "normal" years?

Really out of curiosity at this point...while I am sure Disney has taken a hit from the bad economy and 9/11, and is trying to recoup losses, personally I hope the public codes continue, but knowing the business world the way I do, I am just wondering if they will stop the codes if the economy has a serious rebound.

Thanks for reading this rather long post. Looking forward to reading your comments
"normal" years there were no AP rates for October, November and December. If business picks up I don't see them offering them again this year.
Keep in mind that Disney has taken PO/French Quarter out of their supply and that Pop Century is due to open. Thousands of rooms are going to flood the market, working to our adavntage. When this happens I think there will be code or other promos for Value resorts and 'upgrade' discounts to get value customers to move up to better digs. Just my opinion.

Bill From PA


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