NYE at BWV standar view sold out


Jul 17, 2000
New Years Eve at Boardwalk for a standard view studio was sold out at 9:05am according to the CM. I finally got through at 9:11am and will be in a perferred view for one night (hopefully the wait list will come through.) I couldn't beleive it. I will be at Disney this Monday and will have to stay in the room to call that morning to finish out our reservation, I'm not taking any risks.
What time do they start taking reservations ?

09:05 and already booked up seems unreal.
It sounds like one or more folks booked more than one studio.

Sounds like standard view studios for NYE could give breakfast with the princesses and V&A's chef table some competition for the title - "Most Difficult to Get" . Maybe we need an "Important" thread with tips on how to win the newest Dialing Derby!:D :D :D

FWIW, I don't think that there are all that many standard view studios to begin with - my guess is 14 or 15.
I called and got though at 9 am. Member Services confirmed the reservation and everything was fine, for the moment.....

About ten minutes later member services called me back to "unconfirm" my standard view studio. Antonio says it happened like this: There were 75 persons taking reservations at 9 am when they opened. There are only 32 standard view studios at the Boardwalk and there 60 people were confirmed into those 32 studios and now they have to call the extra and cancel. I was able to confirm two preferred view units. I was calling day by day and this was certainly a surprise. I will be calling at 9 am on Monday to fininh my ressies.

This is worst than Cinderella's Royal Breakfast!!!!
This all was probably caused by the cancelation of the special seasons list.

Well it looks like there a lot more standard view studios than I thought! Wonder how many of those are studio plus units??

Anyway, sounds like a computer upgrade is needed. The system shouldn't allow/return a confirmation if the supply has been exhausted. Something is out of sync or maybe the database isn't updated in "real time". I'm glad I don't have to make those calls to "unconfirm".

Sorry that happened to you (and the others), nuthut. I know that there are probably people who were disappointed when the "special seasons" process was discontinued. I wasn't one of them. I never liked that I had to compete for rooms at my home resort with members whose home was at another DVC resort. I accepted it because it was part of the package when I bought, but it never seemed right to me. If DVC starts the special seasons process up again, I hope they keep separate lists for each resort. JMHO. YMMV.
We didn't even try for sv. For the 4 nights we'll be there before our 1-2 cruise, a pv cost 12 more points then an sv. Sure, 12 points is another night in any season but premier, the hassle of the fight for those sv's wasn't worth it to us this time.
As for getting through, my Wife has called each day at just before 9 and gotten right through. 1 more day to add.........spruce
I was on the phone with "Donnie" at 9:20(after holding for 10 minutes) to make NYE res. I was able to get the first 2 nights(29 and 30) in a standard, but not the 31st. By the time he understood that I needed to borrow points to complete the res., and went to rebook, the 29th was gone! Now, I have 29th in preferred, 30th in standard, and 31st in preferred, and he tried to convince me to go ahead and book the 30th in a preferred view so I would not have to move. He is obviously too inexperienced for me to talk to any further, and I really did not have the time or the inclination to explain my rationale 11 months in advance. He did not even know what a studio plus was, so him not even offering to waitlist me for those 2 nights did not surprise me. I will try to fix it later;)
I had the same experience trying to reserve a BWV standard studio. For the past 4 days, I've started calling right at 9:00. The first two days, I got lucky and got a standard studio. But yesterday and today, even though my call was taken by 9:10, the standards were all gone. The CMs yesterday and today said that there are only 15 standard studios. (The CM yesterday also said that all the standard 2 BR were gone too.) So I have 2 nights of preferred and I'm waitlisted for standard.

I'm not sure how good my chances will be for the standard to come through, because it's Christmas vacation we're talking! So I may wind up just biting the bullet and taking preferred for all 7 nights we're staying. Total difference would be 24 points. Hmmm... will have to think about it more first. Sure hate to part with more points than necessary, but I would not enjoy moving between rooms. Convenience vs. points??? Tough choice! ;)
So are there 15 or 32 standard view studios? 15 sounds more accurate to me. The documents I got at purchase said there are a total of 85 studios at BWV. (That doesn't count the lockoff studios assigned to the 109 two bedfroom units the documents said BWV has). Elsewhere I've read that standard view rooms make up 17% of the total number of rooms at BWV. If the studios are uniformly spread around the resort that would be 14 or 15 studios. Could the different counts given by MS mean that there are 17 standard view two bedroom units (32-15)? FWIW, 17% of 109 is 18 and change.

Guess I won't die of curiosity, but as a frequent user of the standard view, I AM curious. :)
I was just looking at the POS I got when I purchased BWV in 1999. I think 85 is dedicated studios, 98 dedicated 1 bedrooms and 109 lockoff 2 bedrooms (which could be split into studios & 1 bedrooms). Under OKW (which they show as Lake Buena Vista resort) they show 0 for both studios & 1 bedrooms because there are no dedicated studios or 1 bedrooms, then they show 274 dedicated 2 bedrooms and 226 lockoff 2 bedrooms.

What I'm not sure of is how they decide to split the 2 bedrooms. Do they hold so many as 2 bedrooms or split them as requests come in for studios & 1 bedrooms? MS told me one time they book the dedicated 1 bedrooms first in their system, so I guess when they run out of dedicated they start splitting the 2 bedrooms?
With BW already booked at 11 months out ofr standard view - we were wondering how hard is to get OKW at 7 months for the time period between Christmas and New Years? We are trying to plan a family reunion. THought it was a good idea - but sounds like it may not work out at all.
Also, what do you do if you call day by day and you can't get one of the nights? Can you cancell the whole thing and not lose your points?
Originally posted by NJDVCmember
Also, what do you do if you call day by day and you can't get one of the nights? Can you cancell the whole thing and not lose your points?

The only time you would run into trouble is if you used borrowed points. If you cancel, then they would have to be used by the end of the use year they were borrowed into.

I would call the first day and ask what the availability looks like for the rest of the time. They can give you an idea of what you will be up against.
NJDVCmember, I would be surprised if any OKW or BWV rooms are available when the seven month window for Christmas and New years opens in May. As far as the number of standard view studios goes, Antonio told me there were 32 and he seemed quite knowledgeable, not like some of the cst members at DVC>
We're with spruce. I knew it would be a nughtmare to try to get a 2BR standard, so we just bit the bullet and went with preferred. I had my husband call promptly at 9:00 each day, because it is Christmas week and since we invited another couple, we didn't want to take any chances. Do you think it was necessary? It was an inconvenience calling every day, but better that than getting shut out. Yesterday, the standards were gone by 9:10.
It's been awful getting through. From reading this, I'm happy that I'm booking OKW. I've gotten my 2 bedroom from 12/22 to 1/1 so far, and that's with not being able to get to MS until 9:20.

I'm not looking forward to dialing the number over and over and over and over again on Monday.:(
Reg, How'd you get 1/1 already. I didn't think that could be booked until Monday? Congrats on getting all your days, I guess we'll see you at MGM on 12/31......spruce


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