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  1. Koz14

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    Apr 12, 2012
    We have 4 in our family and have a yearly pass and a GAC, I know that they allow up to 6 people to use one GAC. We have friends that are in town that we are meeting at Disney for a day. And will have a total of 9 people, 2 of them are under the age of 3 and do not have disney tickets to obtain fast passes with. So I am wondering if they count as a total number of our party when using the GAC.

    Do we need to get 1 fast passes plus the GAC or do they 2 kids under age 3 count as a people and will we need 3 fast pass in addition to GAC??
  2. dclfun

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    May 13, 2000
    I can answer this one as we have two 2 year olds in our party when both my dd's are down for a visit. They do count as "people", but depending on park attendance and the attraction queue lines, there have been times when the CM checking my GAC has allowed all of us to use it and to stay together. We have had a total, including the little ones, of 7 though vs. 9. Even w/o including the babies you would still have a party of 7. I would probably get the FP's to play it safe, but then I'm the kind of person who would rather be safe than sorry. There's no harm in asking the attraction host/hostess at the entrance though to see if they can accommodate all of you- I just wouldn't count on it.
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    Feb 17, 2011
    If you have two GACs in your party, does that mean you can have more people in you party? Two of my children will need a GAC, and we have 6 children all together, plus my sister will be with us. It probably won't come up much because my DS will most likely refuse all rides of any type, so either myself or my sister will forgo the ride to watch him. But that will still leave 7 in our party.
  4. Mama Who

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    Feb 11, 2011
    Each person with a GAC and their entourage will be a separate party, so with 7 you'd have a party of 3 and a party of 4. (Or a party of 2 and a party of 5.) Or do you mean your DS who won't ride has one of the GACs? In that case, his GAC can't be used to get other people on the ride.

    Some CMs will apparently be flexible about party size during slower periods but it isn't something you can really count on.

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