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Discussion in 'Canadian Trip Planning & Community Board' started by cdntowdw, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. cdntowdw

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    Apr 1, 2001
    Hi everyone, it looks like we may be able to get away for March break with the kids next month. We are considering driving to Myrtle Beach, SC. I know it might be a little cool, but with so many resort hotels with indoor water features, it won't matter. Can anyone recommend a hotel directly on the ocean? Is there a particular area which is better (to avoid the younger crowd) than others for a family vacation? Any info would be welcome. Thx.
  2. TimNDansMom

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    Mar 23, 2000
    Hi cdntowdw, we have enjoyed many summer vacations in Myrtle Beach. We stay at Ocean Creek Resort, There are a few different types of accommodations at this large resort. We stay in the Lodge Villas which are behind the two oceanfront towers. It is located in the north end of Myrtle Beach, across from Barefoot Landing, very close to N. Myrtle Beach.

    We like the north end of MB because it is a lot quieter, yet not too far from all the "action".

    There are tons of hotels to choose from. Here is a good website for info:

    I'd be glad to answer any questions.

    Have a great time! :)
  3. SandraC

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    Oct 27, 2000
    We have been thinking about Myrtle Beach too! When I look at and alike, I end up thinking Hhhhmmmmmm for only a couple more hours drive I can be in Daytona Beach. If I go to Daytona Beach, I might as well go to DISNEY!

    Now we are STUCK! Were to go this year for vacations?

    Myrtle Beach web sites are great! You can get excellent books sent to your house for free too!

  4. abbyndrewmom

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    Jul 6, 2001
    I love Myrtle Beach, we try to go every year or so. we went last year the first week of March, it was a cool week but we still had a great time.

    We stayed at the Holiday Inn (not the chain) it had a great water area including an indoor lazy river, free breakfast, and microwave and fridge in the room. We payed $25.00 a night so it was a very ecnomical vacation. We did get to play on the beach almost everyday. Another hotel we really like in the Landmark. It has a huge indoor water area.

    I would highly recommend going to the myrtle beach chamber of commerce site and ordering one of the packages. You will get info on tons of hotels and things to do.

    Make sure you check out the outlet malls, they even have a Disney one. Also the QVC one has lots of great stuff at especially if you are into crafts.

    Feel free to ask me any questions.


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