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    Oct 3, 2006
    Hey guys I am hoping someone here is from Texas as well and can help me out. I figured out that DD will be going to six flags over Texas Arlington 3 times this summer. She wants her brother and I to go with her when she goes. A lot of it is probably Mom and her credit card being there but it will be something I am hoping DS will enjoy as well. He will also be going for his best friends birthday. Since we are only about an hour and a half away I am going to go ahead and buy season tickets, and maybe the kids and I can take a few day trips to Dallas this summer, to take thier mind off the fact that they do not think we are going back to WDW (suprise trip). I can get them for around 40 bucks a piece so it seems like a good idea since even discounted I will be paying 20 a pop for regular tickets. Needless to say if we take a few trips I will come out ahead. Anyway we have not been to Six Flags since the kids were MUCH younger, and I am concerned things will be different now. DS will be in his wheelchair, does anyone know how accomodating Six Flags Arlington is? If they have a pass we need to get like Universal and Disney have? I am going to really try to be open minded and enjoy myself even though it is not the world lol. :rolleyes1

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