No/Low Carb in a Hotel Room


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Aug 15, 2005
I'm eating no/low carb right now. When we go to Disney, we have the regular DDP and I plan on letting myself indulge for our meals. We will do most breakfasts in the room. In the past, that was bagels for me and cereal for the boys (I'm lactose sensitive especially in heat). I hate to waste my carbs on grocery store bagels.

My current go-to breakfasts are green smoothies and eggs, neither of which work in a hotel room. Any advice?

loves to dive

DIS Veteran
Aug 21, 2011
You could take yogurt parfaits if you aren't flying or buy them once you get there. Bolthouse makes some decent smoothies, again you need to refridgerate. I usually get the kids breakfast which is scrambled eggs and a meat of some sort, if it comes with toast or a biscuit I just don't eat it. There are protein bars you can buy but I don't think they are low carb


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May 15, 2015
You could take a lower sugar fruit that doesn't need to be refrigerated. Apples are low-medium but they come to mind when I was eating more low carb. I think there is some low carb granola sold but I'm not sure exactly how that works. There are also some lower sugar fruit snacks out there. Sadly the best option is usually eggs for breakfast but that's difficult in the room. If you are driving down there's no reason why you couldn't hard boil some before you leave.


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Jul 21, 2015
I generally eat low carb, and my go-to for breakfast is definitely egg-centric. I agree with the idea of possibly bringing some hard boiled eggs and fruit. Another idea is to go international: Japanese often eat salad for breakfast, European breakfasts often include cured or sliced meats, smoked fish is common among cold weather climates. If you can hit a grocery store with some smoked salmon or can get behind the idea of salad for breakfast, you should be on your way.