NO AP rates this morning :( update :)!!


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Dec 5, 1999
After setting the alarm for before 7 a.m. this morning, I call CRO, am on hold for 10 minutes, the CM takes her sweet time getting all my info before she will even think about quoting me a rate & then tells me the AP rates are NOT turned on this morning. I told her I could not be the first guest to ask for AP rates this morning. She told me I was. I asked for a supervisor - there isn't a supervisor - sure, right. She said she could forwad me to Guest Services. I said only if I was going to speak to a real person! The GS CM was a initially defensive & then after I persued it, she offered to take my name, dates & resort info & said I would get a call whenthe AP rates come out. She didn't know if it would be today or tomorrow. She did confirm that ASMo would NOT have an AP rate.

UPDATE posted below! THANK YOU!


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Sep 24, 2001
AP rates are out - A ton of us have already booked. Call back NOW!!!

Although it is true that Movies & Coronado Springs isn't part of the deal.


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Jun 3, 2000
tinagirl - THose who have booked -- are those actual AP rates, or the other rate that came available eariler this week?

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Aug 8, 2000
The AP rates are out. I had changed my original AAA rate to the rate that came out last week. This morning I called and was able to get both my reservations changed to the AP rate as my dates were available. Keep calling...the rates are out. If they are not available for your entire stay ask if any of your dates are available.

Good Luck!!


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Feb 8, 2001
I just got the same answer from CRO. She said the rates were to come out today, but were not in the system yet. She did give me a specific code to ask for. I guess I'll call back and see what happens. :rolleyes:

UPDATE: Called CRO back and used AP code. This time the CM was able to get the rate and I saved another $111 over the early code rate. Total savings now are at $711 over my original DC ressie!! WOO HOO!! Can't wait for December! :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc


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Mar 2, 2001
There AP rates but boy do you have to work to get them. I've called 4 times this morning, been on hold for @ 20 minutes per call, and I could only get the AP rate for the last 3 nights of our stay.

Call back, ask for code CKN. If they say they don't have the dates you want, ask if they have it for ANY of your dates.


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Dec 5, 1999
THANK YOU to the first couple of posters :)! I called back & was on hold for 25 minutes - thank goodness for toll-free numbers :) - & got an AP rate at ASMu. The CM I spoke to the second time said there were "computer challenges" early this morning. At least I know it wasn't me!


yep...I got my ap discount for the yc concierge!! I called at 10 am problem at all!


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Nov 2, 2000

What rate did you get for YC concierge?


Feb 16, 2002
We were able to get the AP rate for our November trip at CBR. The AP rate for 4 nights (waterview) was $395 including tax. This was an improvement over last week's code rate of $440. We are very happy... good luck to everyone!


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