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Earning My Ears
Mar 4, 2001
Last year my family went to WDW and stayed for 6 days.This time we are staying for 12 days and would like to take our 6 year old son to Nickelodeon Studios to see slime time live.He is such a Nick fan and I would like to know if any went there before and if so how was it. :)


Earning My Ears
Jan 18, 2001
We were there on Sunday so couldn't get to see the Slime Time being filmed but the tour round Nick was so much fun we all enjoyed it. Its well worth going to. I've heard that watching the filming can get a bit boring.


DIS Veteran
Aug 18, 1999
We were there for Mardi Grad. My daughter got a pie in here face. She loved it. BUT,....i was told to call the nick hotline to see if they would be taping when i was going.. and i called beforhand. and was told that they were NOT taping.. but they were. So,..dont go by what they tell you on the phone. Regarding getting slimed... this takes up your whole day. You have to wait in line about 12..12:30 plan on getting in line to wait for tickets. Then at around 1:00 the crew comes out, the have all the kids line up along side the curb right next to the line you are waiting in. They go one by one and ask the kids their names. Make sure you kids SCREAMS OUT their name...LOUD and WITH MUCH EXCITMENT as possible. The crewmember dicides on who she thinks is good enough to go to the second round of trials. Then if your child passes their name test, she comes back around and wants the kids to jump and scream and make noise...she picks the LOUDEST MOST EXCITED kids that she can see. If your child is lucky enough to make it,great. If not and you still want to see the show,...stay in the line...until 2:00...that is when they start passing out the tickets for the show. EVERYONE in your party must be there or they will NOT get a ticket. Also no childern under 5 can get a ticket and sit in the stands. If you get a ticket, you have to be back by 3:30 for the 4:00 show. You dont hear a thing of the show. All they want you to do is clap, chear and make alot of noise, so you hear none of the show. You will be in the stands from 4 till 5. Good luck!!
p.s. Go to the bathroom before hand, once your in the stands,,,, you Cant leave until the show is over. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask!


Go Tribe!!!
Apr 8, 2000
Thanks for sharing this information!

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