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Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by CastMemberDWA, Jun 30, 2006.

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    May 28, 2003
    My sister is visiting us in Florida and today checked into the Nick hotel. I went with her to check in and to also check out the pool (she got me a wristband) My own 2 kids are joining her this evening....and I will defiinitely followup on their experience and post it here.

    Anyhow -I thought I would offer my 2 cents worth of impressions.

    Today is June 30th and peak time for tourists here.....with July 4 around the corner. (Shuttle launch scheduled for tomorrow as well)

    The checkin process was very smooth...they even had their room ready for them at 3pm when we checked in. The lobby was not crowded at all. There were nice employees there who entertained our 3 combined kids while they checked in. The staff was friendly and courteous.

    We received our parking pass, room keys, brochures, info. etc. The elevators functional, and a bit slow as I have seen posted here before. The room is on the top floor of building 6 and faces the lagoon. Great vantage point for taking photos of the area. The pool was crowded...but there was plenty of chaise lounges still available. Every so often they would grab a microphone pool side and try to entertain the crowd. The slide area was very wet and fun and perfect for our kids (ages 7, 9, 11)
    I rode one slide myself....was okay. (I love water slides too) Kinda disappointing that the slides don't actually dump into a pool, but instead stop with a trough full of water.

    At 4:45pm the "slime bucket" dumped Green water (slime) on the people/kids gathered below. I will post a pic later.....
    This was big excitement for my 7 yr old nephew. My 11yr daughter was not too excited about it and was content to watch from the balcony.

    The room - was very clean and nice. A/C worked great. Smelled fresh. The bunk beds are narrow and not a full twin size FYI. 3/4 size would be my guess.
    There are 3 TVs in the suite. One in each bedroom and one in the main living room. The rooms are small. You technically could squeeze 6 full size people in here - but with little elbow room. Bath room was clean and bright.

    Poolside bar/snack area: Bar was quick and served good stuff. My Strawberry Colada smoothie (w/Alcohol) cost $6.25. My kids got a milk, soda, and 2 bags of chips next door for aobut $5.00.

    I walked down to the "mall" (aka FOOD COURT) area to check it out. Various counter service options, plus a restaurant and Guest services counter for signing up for Nick Studio stuff. There was a big sign on the counter (5pm?) that said all the ressies for the studio for this evening were gone and to sign up for tomorrow's shows instead.

    Driving out....nearby is a CVS pharmacy and a Pondersosa. Downtown Disney is reasonably close but you need a car.

    Both my kids are staying with there tonight with my sister, her hubby and my nephew. Will report more later on the activities they partake in.
    I am home ALONE kids. sigh. :bounce:
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    Jun 30, 2004
    Nice review! :) We stayed in Building 7, right next to where your kids are staying - lagoon view first floor. We were really pleased. I hope your kids enjoy it. I found we spent more time at the smaller, Oasis pool. The slides do empty into the pool. My son loved this one much better. I completely missed the 445pm slime dump at the larger pool. For some reason we didn't read all the details in the newsletter. Most of the time we weren't around at this time anyway.

    Hope your kids enjoy their stay.
  3. CastMemberDWA

    CastMemberDWA Ears to you!

    May 28, 2003
    Yesterday I visited the smaller oasis pool too with them. I agree this one is more pleasant. The slides do dump into the pool there.
    We were able to see 2 poolside shows yesterday.The first at the Oasis, and the second viewed from the balcony facing the Lagoon.

    Both shows were well done and entertaining. The emcee guy was great and the crowd was entertained.

    Being a Saturday there were lots of people...but the pool was not overly crowded in either area. I assume that they are more crowded in the evening hours after people come back from visiting the theme parks.

    I also saw Spongebob yesterday in the Mall area. He is surprisingly short.

    As for stairs/elevators...I think it is nice to use stairs for going down (if you are on top floors) and use elevator for up.

    There was also a big lightning storm yesterday that caused them to empty the pool.

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