Nicer restaurants that are kid-friendly?


May 8, 2001
Hi all --

We're leaving in two days and I still need to book some dinner PS. We have a one year old and a three year old. I've booked several character meals, but would like to eat dinner at some nicer restaurants too. I was thinking of going to California Grill, Jiko, Narcoosee or Artist Point, but would not want to go to a restaurant that's quiet or where the other diners or staff would resent us bringing young children. Any suggestions?
The only place we have eaten at with our kids 1, 4, & 6 was Narcoosees and it was just fine. My kids are used to eating out, so for the most part they are well behaved. But if you feel like taking them to any of the others, by all means do. I would just try to make the 1st PS so the kids don't get too antsy.
Thanks for the reply! We are staying at the GF, so Narcoosees would be convenient for us. We definitely plan on eating early. Did you enjoy the food there?

Any other suggestions for kid-friendly fine dining?
We have brought our DS (from about 1 year to now at 4) to Jiko, California Grill and Artist Point. AP - we had a melt down and had to bring DS back to the room - this is the quietest of the three.

We all like California Grill the best - nice view, Crayons, convenient to the park, etc. I never feel uncomfortable bringing children to any Disney restaurant - which is why I love to go. I do book early PS - usually first - order right away and take walks when necessary. I will also leave if we have to and DIsney is good about wrapping things up if you have to go!

We are doing Jiko this trip and California Grill room service!

Originally posted by seallenz
Narcoosees would be convenient for us. Did you enjoy the food there?

Any other suggestions for kid-friendly fine dining?

Narcoosees was one of those places that had us wondering why we waited so long to try it! It was so good. I especially liked the
filet mignon & lobsterw/ vanilla bean sauce.. Yum!

If you don't want to try Jiko with the kids, I would definately suggest Boma, that is a must do for us and the kids do really well there. Its a pretty lively place and good for families. I think this is the best buffet on property. As far as "fine" dining we tend to stick with more of the traditional family type places. However, when we go in December, our babysitter is coming and we will be able to go anywhere we want and maybe even have dinner at 8:00pm! LOL now that would be real treat!:D
I've eaten at all the restaurants you've mentioned with kids except California Grill (the menu just doesn't appeal to me!) and never had a problem. They've varied in age from 8 months to almost 5 on various trips and we've never had a problem at any of them. We always take the first available PS so the kids won't be tired yet, and bring things to keep them entertained. They are used to eating out, since we do it a lot, so this is nothing new to them. I'd have to agree that Artist Point is probably the quietest one, with Jiko being next. You'll enjoy all your meals and so will your children!!
At WDW all the restaurants are kid-friendly. I've taken both my kids to almost all of the better restaurants. They all have children's menus and most have special desserts for the kids.

I agree with everyone....all these places are child friendly. Jiko and Artist Point are quieter but certainly not hushed. Narcoossee's and especially California Grill have higher noise levels.
Although we have never taken our DD to Narcoosee's, we have seen plenty of other guests with their kids, and everything seemed to be going well. I think it is probably your best bet!
I have eaten everywhere with DD. Granted she is well behaved for 95% of the time, but in Disney I never thought twice about taking her into the nicer places. I say unless they will tear the room apart and disrupt the place go for it.;)


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