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  1. chyam

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    Oct 12, 2003
    Let's see if I can do this, just received Disney's Magical Express Delivers 'Hassle-Free Travel'
    for Disney Hotel Guests

    (LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2004) -- Walt Disney World announced an innovative new service today called "Disney's Magical Express" which offers complimentary airport shuttle, luggage delivery and airline check in for Disney hotel guests.

    Beginning May 5, 2005, guests of Disney hotels using Disney's Magical Express service can check their bags at their hometown airport, bypass baggage claim at Orlando International Airport (OIA) and board state-of-the-art motor coaches to the Walt Disney World Resort - as their bags "magically" appear in their room upon check in. The round-trip service, which is available and complimentary during Disney's Happiest Celebration on Earth event (which also begins May 5, 2005), is designed to give Disney hotel guests the stress-free vacation they want.

    With Disney's Magical Express service, a family of four can save more than $80 (based on round trip shuttle or taxi transportation, plus tip, for two adults and two children).

    "We are extremely excited to add Disney's Magical Express to the extensive list of ways we make Disney guests' vacations easier and more enjoyable," said Al Weiss, president of Walt Disney World Resort. "In essence, this benefit provides a hassle-free experience for our guests from the airport to our hotel room door and back again."

    "Disney's Magical Express service will set new standards for convenience, value and comfort for guests traveling between the airport and Walt Disney World Resort," Weiss added. "Orlando International Airport is one of the premiere airports in the world. We believe Disney's Magical Express will not only transform the airport experience for Disney hotel guests, but will further enhance the world-class status of OIA and drive additional visitation to Central Florida."

    How Disney's Magical Express service works:

    Disney's Magical Express must be booked at least 10 days prior to arrival through, Disney Reservation Center by calling 407-W-DISNEY or a travel agent beginning Jan. 2, 2005. The service commences May 5, 2005.
    Guests check their specially-tagged luggage at their departure airport.
    Upon arrival in Orlando, guests bypass airport baggage claim and go directly to the Disney Airport Welcome Center.
    Guests board state-of-the-art motor coaches that take them to their Disney hotel. Click the rendering at right to see a larger image.
    A team of Disney representatives at the airport will pick up guests' luggage and transport it to their hotel room.
    Disney's Magical Express service makes guests' return to OIA hassle-free as well. This convenient system lets guests flying with participating airlines avoid airport check-in lines by enabling passengers on domestic flights to check their luggage and receive a boarding pass before ever departing their Disney hotel. As an added benefit, guests with flight departures later in the day no longer have to worry about their luggage after they check out of their hotel. They can simply check their luggage at the Resort Airline Check-in Desk and then enjoy the last day of their stay.

    In addition to partners at Orlando International Airport, Walt Disney World developed this innovative service in conjunction with private and public sector leaders including: the Mears Transportation Group, the largest provider of ground transportation to the Walt Disney World Resort; BAGS Inc., the provider and innovator in off-airport passenger check-in services for the hotel, convention, cruise and airline industries; ARINC Incorporated, a leading global provider of technology systems for airports and airlines; the Transportation Security Administration; and airline partners including: American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Song, United Airlines and Ted. Walt Disney World hopes to add other air carriers to the resort airline check-in service in the near future.

    Congressman John L. Mica (FL-7), Chairman of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Aviation, called Disney's announcement "welcome news."

    "Not only does resort airline check-in provide a convenience for the traveler, it also helps to expedite and improve security checks by reducing congestion during the busiest times," Mica said. "By combining Walt Disney World Resort's destination volume and operational expertise with BAGS' innovative processes and exclusive technology, a new industry model will be established."

    Disney's Magic Your Way

    Disney's Magical Express is the newest addition to Disney's Magic Your Way program, an exciting new plan, which allows Walt Disney World guests to create their own tickets and vacation packages for a customized vacation. Starting Jan. 2, Walt Disney World Resort guests will be able to purchase tickets to the various theme parks, attractions and other entertainment offerings that are tailored to the length of their vacation and the interests of their group - and allow them to save more per day based on their length of stay. Under Magic Your Way, a family of four will be able to enjoy a six-night/seven-day Walt Disney World vacation - including a stay at a Disney Value hotel, with theme park tickets - for as little as $1,500.

    Disney's Magical Express is also added to the long list of premier benefits that are afforded to guests staying at Disney hotels. This includes the recently-announced Extra Magic Hours, where each day one of our theme parks opens one hour early or stays open up to three hours after regular park closing for guests of select Walt Disney World Resort hotels. **

    "Disney's Magical Express adds even more value to a Walt Disney World vacation," Weiss said. "And with the myriad of new attractions and shows premiering this spring in conjunction with the Happiest Celebration on Earth - our global celebration marking 50 years of Disney theme park magic - the timing couldn't be more perfect."

    Booking Disney's Magical Express

    Walt Disney World guests can book Disney's Magical Express starting Jan. 2 along with the new Disney's Magic Your Way tickets and packages.

    ** Valid theme park admission and resort identification required.

    What People Are Saying About "Disney's Magical Express"

    "At Orlando International Airport, we pride ourselves on delivering the best passenger experience possible. Recently, we were ranked by J.D. Power and Associates as the second best airport in the world for customer service. This new initiative is the wave of the future for our business and will further strengthen our leadership position as one of the world's top airports."
    -- Bill Jennings, Executive Director, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

    "We are witnessing a revolution in the airline industry. As always, Walt Disney World is taking the lead in providing their guests an unparalleled vacation experience. The future of passenger services is landing squarely in the lobby of each Disney hotel."
    -- Craig Mateer, President, BAGS Inc.

    "Mears has been providing transportation for the Walt Disney World guest for more than 30 years. During that time, we have had the opportunity to participate with Disney in several innovative guest transportation services. This new service is further evidence of Disney's commitment to exceed its guests' expectations in all aspects of their vacation experiences."
    -- Chuck Carns, Chief Executive Officer, Mears Destination Services

    "ARINC has been championing the benefits of off-airport check-in technology for some time. We are delighted to be part of Disney's efforts to introduce this new level of convenience for travelers."
    -- Mike Picco, Vice President of Airport Systems, ARINC Incorporated

    "We are delighted to participate in Disney's Magical Express. This program reinforces American Airlines' commitment to giving our passengers what they value in a practical and fast service that offers a high level of comfort and convenience."
    -- Marilyn DeVoe, Vice President of Customer Service Planning, American Airlines

    "Delta's Disney customers can now enjoy more convenient flight and baggage check in right from their resort. As the largest air carrier of passengers into Orlando International Airport, working with BAGS and Disney to make this service available to customers is right in line with Delta's focus on making travel simple, convenient and reliable."
    -- Josh Weiss, Baggage Strategy, Delta Airlines

    "United is continuously exploring new and innovative ways to serve our customers and bring even more convenience and ease to their check-in experience. United has had a long and excellent relationship with Disney, and both United and Ted are pleased to be able to partner with the Walt Disney World Resort hotels to provide this great service."
    -- Larry D. De Shon, Senior Vice President - Airport Operations, United Airlines


    © Disney

    MouseMail is a periodic news brief for Central Florida business, community and government leaders, produced by Walt Disney World Co. For information on the Walt Disney World Resort, please visit

    this in my email
  2. WDW Poly Princess

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    Jul 17, 2000
    Sounds nice! I always wondered why WDW didn't have their own airport transportation, since so many of people arriving are going there!
    Weird that they called Orlando Airport OIA instead of MCO!
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  4. boucheresq

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    Oct 20, 2004
    I wonder what this will do the businesses who rely on the WDW travel.
  5. WDWBetsy

    WDWBetsy found her happily ever after!!!

    Oct 17, 2000
    Sounds like a plan we'll take advantage of! Very nice.
  6. MCazer

    MCazer Unofficial Travel Agent to My Friends!

    Nov 23, 1999
    Anyone know if they will let you use it if you are using DVC points for your stay? Also, we always fly Southwest, so not sure if they will accomodate us either. Seems that we would need to hold our own luggage then.
  7. chyam

    chyam <font color=blue>Where is that LL Bean catalog whe

    Oct 12, 2003
    When I got the email I too wondered the same thing! It could be the end for alot of the shuttles etc.
  8. Mermaid02

    Mermaid02 DIS Veteran

    Apr 1, 2002
    I think this is great- it does mean no grocery stop though!
  9. Regina

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    Aug 14, 1999
  10. debloco

    debloco DIS Veteran

    Nov 14, 2003
    While I am sure that many, many people will like and take advantage of this nice, money-saving perk, I cannot see my family using this service. We have tried the Mears shuttle in the past and found it to be very time consuming. The shuttles do not depart until they are full and then make multiple stops to drop off passengers at different resorts. The time spent waiting for additional passengers plus the time spent unloading passengers at multiple stops is not an efficient use of our vacation time. They also pick you up almost 3 hours prior to your flight time! That's time that could be spent in the park. I would rather pay the $50 for a cab right after I deplane and get to the resort in 1/2 an hour than go through the new Disney process and shuttle. It comes down to time vs. money and for us, I'd rather spend the $ and have more time and less hassle. JMO.

    CLC Tiger Pom Mom :cheer2:
  11. FatCow

    FatCow <font color=purple>FatCow is a dude<br><font color

    Nov 10, 2003
    Actually, the name have been officially changed from MCO to OIA. My luggage tag from Canada shows OIA instead of MCO which raised a question from me to Air Canada rep and she told me that the call letters have been changed to OIA.

    (at the same time, 1 out of 4 of luggages' tags still said MCO, funnee!)

    BTW, will this service be available to Canadian visitors considering the line below:

    "Guests check their specially-tagged luggage at their departure airport. "

    My departure airport is in Canada (and some of their guests will obviously from around the world).
  12. sarhenty

    sarhenty you cheated! -- uhhh pirate?!?

    Sep 9, 2003
    and might hurt the car rental area as well...

    ...this makes sense bc theres a lot of people who like to split their stay and spend some time at Universal... about a REVAMP, they are literally trying to keep you onsite ALL the time, with the tix, dining option and now this....
  13. Cantw8

    Cantw8 DIS Veteran

    Jun 25, 2002
    Sounds like another pain in the Mears shuttle. Thanks, but no thanks!!!! I am hooked on towncars because on vacation, it's all about ME!!!!
  14. PrincessCandaceMarie

    PrincessCandaceMarie DIS Veteran

    May 28, 2004
    I have to agree, 3 hours is a lot to 'lose' at WDW, and I never check baggage when I'm flying, I always do one bag carry on....maybe I'd use the transportation from MCO/OIA (LOL) to WDW and take a taxi back, I can't see losing the 3 hours....but that's just me...... princess:
  15. DisDarling

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    Nov 30, 2004
    My first thought on this news was "...and they will magically lose my luggage."
    I actually think its a great IDEA, but Im a big fan of Tiffany Town Car Service and I truly feel bad for the business they will lose with this new Disney plan.

    You see what they are doing right? Disney is taking you RIGHT to WDW, no stopping at Universal, no stopping along the way to see other sights, they want your money the first day you get there! I know, you can do other things while you stay there, as we will be in a month from now, but its pratty apparent what they are "trying" to accomplish here.

  16. sarhenty

    sarhenty you cheated! -- uhhh pirate?!?

    Sep 9, 2003
    thank you!
  17. Sandyincanada

    Sandyincanada DIS Veteran

    Oct 16, 2000
    LOL. that was my first thought too and well, my second and third. I would have a very hard time relying on someone to get my luggage for me.

    They are making it alot harder on people who do like to do other things beside WDW. I'm waiting to see if they come out with FOTL access like Universal. :rolleyes:
  18. Pinnie

    Pinnie <font color=green>Working a Dream Job<br><font col

    Jul 17, 2002
    Call me Henny Penny here, but I like to have my luggage in MY control during all aspects of my trips. I don't even like leaving it in storage at check out time, instead we load the car and drag it along. In this day and age, I trust NO ONE with my luggage and this "pick up" thing is adding more variables into the mix.

  19. Luv2Roam

    Luv2Roam DIS Veteran

    Jun 3, 2000
    I admit I was leery too when I first read about it.
    Agree, most likely multiple stops on one lareg bus, higher lost luggage risk.
    IF it works properly, it would be great.
    I always liked the town car way too. Even that has potential pitfalls. That always worked well for us. But there are horror stories out there about town cars guests too.
    There will be some who Magical Express will work great for. And some who will be better off not using it. Just like any service.
    Arriving to your room with your luggage already there would be grand. :)
    And if it actually SAVES money as it claims, it will be a hit.
    I would make sure to have what I REALLY need in a carry on -- just in case. ;)

    More options are always better IMHO.
  20. WDWguru

    WDWguru aka tivogirl, keeper of the live WDW webcams at ht

    Jun 29, 2001
    My question is whether you can use the airline check-in and baggage service at the resort if you're not taking their shuttle. We always rent a car, but it'd be nice to have that done -- just return the car and go to security with our boarding passes and carry-ons in hand. Secondarily, could you use the in-airport resort check-in without taking the shuttle? I doubt that, and I really doubt you could have them transport your bags and not you (especially if you're arriving when there aren't many other passengers). The way it's worded, it's not very clear. I have sent e-mail to my media contact at WDW asking these questions, so if nobody hears by the time I do, I'll post his answers.


    Jun 6, 2003
    We will still be using Tiffany. I, too, like the direct, no hassle service. I do wonder, though, if this new service is incorporated in their new prices even though they say it is complimentary.

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