Newly Potty Trained Kids at Disney

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by maddiezoots, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. maddiezoots

    maddiezoots Earning My Ears

    Feb 6, 2001
    My DD is 3, potty trained this summer. What do you do when your little one pees a LOT during the day? I was wondering if I should put her in a pull-up in line, just in case. I don't want to wait a half hour only to get out of line and then get back in. Of course I will take her to the bathroom all the time, but I KNOW there will be times when she does this. What are your experiences with this? Use the pull-ups to avoid accidents and exiting the lines, or not, because you don't want to regress potty training? Any and all advice appreciated :goodvibes

  2. imthatgirl

    imthatgirl DIS Veteran

    Jul 5, 2008
    if she doesnt use pull ups at home i wouldnt use them there. i would just take her to the bathroom before you get into a long line. luckily with disney you always know how long the wait is, so you can plan for it.

    also this might sound crazy but from now until you go i would keep a little journal of when she pees. you might see a pattern, that will help you a lot too. if you arent going in the summer months then you can keep her fluid intake the same.
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  4. SueM in MN

    SueM in MN combining the teacups with a roller coaster Moderator

    Aug 23, 1999
    You could try putting regular underwear or training pants on and put a pull up on top of that. If she does wet, she will still feel the wetness of the underpants and you will avoid getting her clothes wet (or the ride seats wet).
    You can explain to her that you want her to use the potty and keep her big girl pants dry. Explain that you expect her to try before going into rides; the pullup is just in case the line is too long and she isn't able to hold it.
  5. karliebug

    karliebug DIS Veteran

    Jan 9, 2006
    I personally wouldn't put her back in pull ups because it would be taking a step back. Take frequent potty breadks, bring a change in clothes in case of accidents, and go before long ride lines. If you have to get out of the line, sometimes the CM will give you a fastpass to come back later if you ask.Also, beware of the auto flushing toilets. They scare the bejeebers out of little ones. Put a post it note or a sticker on the sensor on the back of the toilet until they are done.
  6. drivencrazy

    drivencrazy DIS Veteran

    Oct 16, 2006
    I was so worried about this as well. When we planned our trip our youngest was going to be just over 2, so I was going to hold off on potty training till after we got back from DW, I figured it would be so much easier for her to be in pull ups while at the parks.

    Well about 3 weeks before the trip she started asking to use the potty ALL the time! I couldn't tell her no. So she was potty trained wearing panties for around 3 weeks when we went to the World! She did great, she didn't wet at all in her panties! We would ask before we got into the longer lines (the ones we could see the wait was 50-60 minutes) to make sure she didn't have to go...

    We didn't have to get out of any lines for her, but for our son was another matter! We had to leave lines a couple of times for him:lmao: and he had gone or was asked when she was, he was 4 at the time!

    Really do what you and the child both feel good about. I really wanted to put pull ups on her and she would not have it, so if I would have she would just have been unhappy.

    If you go with panties then make sure to bring an extra set of pants at least the first day to see how things go!
  7. Laurabearz

    Laurabearz <font color=deeppink>I cant load my bobbin!<br><fo

    Nov 25, 2001
    We have gone through this three times now.

    And each time we said NO PULL UPS... then the kids had accidents.. and we got tired of carrying extra sets of clothes and SHOES around. So we told the kids, this is just in case pull up, and we will still use the potty and it worked fine.

    It was the pee shoes that did us in. Nothing like walking around in wet pee shoes for the day poor kids....
  8. disneyandme

    disneyandme DIS Veteran

    Nov 26, 2001
    I put my kids in pull ups several times after they were potty trained and it caused no ill effects. They were able to understand that the curcumstances caused us to need a pull up and not that they couldn't use the potty properly. We used them for long car rides with large stretchs between available bathrroms. I would not hesitate to use them at WDW for a back up plan in case you can't get to a potty on time.
  9. imthatgirl

    imthatgirl DIS Veteran

    Jul 5, 2008
    i guess i just dont understand if a child is fully potty trained why they would need a pull up?
    maybe im weird, but weve never used them for any of my 3 kids. we trained and then that was it, they wore underwear. it didnt matter where we were. i didnt even carry extra clothes, i just took them to the bathroom. we never had accidents after they were trained.
    well yeah i guess there were two times. when my son was 3 we had eaten at a mal and he then got severe diariha(sp) i think he thought he farted, well he didnt:scared: . then there was the time my daughter was 4 and was at a friends house, she was too scared to ask to use the bathroom. she never did that again:rotfl:

    now if the child was still in the process of training then i would think about using something(i would just use diapers not pullups). but like i said if they are fully trained, is it really necessary?
  10. AmyBWV99

    AmyBWV99 It's a s'winter s'wonderland; you can freeze while

    Mar 3, 2000
    We are in the same boat! We are leaving in a couple weeks and while our DS is 'potty' traned pooing is another issue. He tells you he has to go as he's his feaking way am I taking the chance of a poopisode in a line or in a crowded bathroom when he's going in the line. I just don't dig carting around pooey :headache: underwear in a sack hte rest of the day and dealing with it on vacation. He's used pull ups for similar situations during travel since we've potty trained and he never goes in them potty ever even at night but we're still working on the other issue and use them as a back up.

    I agree with the PP pee shoes stink, 2nd week into training we went out of town, not the best of timing but wasn't our choice, i brought tons of extras for clothes and underwear on our 1st zoo day. He had no accidents per se but while going at the potty missed some and got his shoes. So there we were 3 pairs of shorts and underwear that went unneeded and he had to spend the rest of the day at the zoo shoeless. Thank goodness for the stroller!
  11. Anonomom

    Anonomom DIS Veteran

    Aug 21, 2008

    FWIW, our DD was similar right before our Disney trip. She was dry during the day, but she'd wet during nap and at night, and she refused to poop on the potty.

    As far as pull-ups went, we used them only when I thought there was a chance she'd fall asleep; so right as we were leaving the parks to drive back to the resort and on the car trip there/home. Mostly, she wore panties in the parks and didn't have an accident all week. We did, however, stop every hour and make her at least sit on the potty.

    With the poop issue, I started talking to her a few weeks before the trip about all the cool things there were at Disney, then a day or two before we left, I told her that if she used the potty instead of diapers all week at Disney, she'd be able to pick out a special treat. She also somehow got the idea that she'd be able to tell Mickey that she was a big girl who used the potty.

    Our first night, we took DD to the toy store at DTD. As she carreened from one toy to another, we reminded her that she could pick out anything she wanted if she pooped in the potty all week. And it worked! We didn't have to use any of the diapers we brought with us.
  12. tam626

    tam626 DIS Veteran

    May 17, 2008
    If I were you, I would see how it goes the first day, or morning & if there are too many accidents, go with the pull-ups. Good luck.
  13. Aristomommy

    Aristomommy <font color=deeppink>We were in the “wild animals”

    Aug 11, 2001
    DS was almost 3 and 99% potty trained during the day during our last trip. He would tell us when he needed to go, but we had to find a bathroom quickly or he'd have an accident. I put a pull up on him (cool alert) along with underwear and explained that he would need to tell us when he needs to go. My concerns were mostly the airplane, waiting in lines or if there was a long walk to a bathroom.

    He didn't have any accidents, but we were much more relaxed. I would leave a line if he had to go and I also took him with me every time I went or when someone else went. In hindsight, I would still have pull ups with us and put one on just in case as it did not set him back in potty training.
  14. nicki.momof3

    nicki.momof3 Addicted to Disney Vacations

    Jul 21, 2008
    Did it last year with my daughter. Started potty training on Aug. 1st, a few weeks after her 2nd birthday. We went To Disney Aug. 15th. She wore underpants the entire time - no accidents. We made a rule for all the kids that they had to try to go potty before longer lines and it worked fine. I would NEVER put her back in pull ups - it could cause her to regress. A ride is not worth stepping backwards on such a big accomplishment as potty training.

    Have a great trip
  15. mom2OandE

    mom2OandE Mouseketeer

    Jul 22, 2008
    We did this last year. We made lots of trips "just in case" to the potty before going in long lines. Fortunatly there were only 2 occassions that I can recall where we had to get out of line because "I have to go bad" occurred. Just keep stopping at the potty.

    I know this sounds silly but we went every 90 minutes almost like clockwork by late on the 2nd day/early 3rd day ds bladder seemed to be in tune with it. lol.
  16. abcboys

    abcboys DIS Veteran

    Feb 27, 2006
    We were in this predicament when we went in May. Our 2 year old was newly potty trained (like within the last month) but was still having some poop accidents. I decided I would not carry around extra clothes/underwear in case of a poop accident so I put him in pull-ups the entire week. (he had been in regular underwear for several months) Not once did he have an accident in those pull-ups but it was nice to know they were there just in case. They did not cause my son to regress.
  17. barnaby1

    barnaby1 Mouseketeer

    Dec 5, 2007
    I agree that I think it depends on where your child is in potty training. I have never been a fan of using pull ups or the like once we stopped using nappies but unless your child is fairly accident free most of the time then I might consider it.
    We have recently returned from WDW with our newly trained dd 2.5. She trained about 2 months before we went (bit unexpectedly - nappies one day, underpants the next!). She was fully trained about 3 weeks after we started (no accidents and asking to use the toilet). We had no problems at WDW. In fact this was where I actually stopped carrying extra clothes etc. Lots of toilet breaks along the way and we were fine.
  18. lynn432

    lynn432 Earning My Ears

    Sep 8, 2008
    I was in the same boat as you, and we just got back.

    I had my daughter wear panties and just took extra clothes and a pull-up or two each day. The first day we had zero problems. The second day I went through all three extra panties/pants! I think she was just overwhelmed and didn't realize she had to go until the last minute, so by the time she told us, we just couldn't make it in time. But the next few days we had no problems, other than one small almost-accident one day. I did put her in a pull-up when we left the park, b/c she is not potty-trained for naps, and I knew she'd fall asleep on the way home.

    Our mini-accident: Once, she was in line and we were next when I noticed she looked like she had to go, but she insisted she didn't. We went straight to the restroom afterwards, but she had already peed a little in her undies. I changed her undies (her shorts weren't wet) and we had no problems the rest of the day.

    So - we did have a couple of accidents, but nothing major, and I was glad we did it the way we did. I didn't mind taking the extra clothes each day, b/c I think it boosted her confidence as well, and I was glad I didn't have to use pull-ups all the time.

    So I'd say take a change of clothes and see how it goes the first day or two and go from there. I thought it was going to be more of a hassle than it was, as there are restrooms all over the place. Good Luck and have fun! :)
  19. YellowMickeyPonchos

    YellowMickeyPonchos <font color=magenta>Remember when everyone had one

    Jun 7, 2008
    I agree with all of the PPs about not using the pull-ups (although if you are going to be in the parks late, take one along and put it on them right before you think they will be passing out for the night). Our 3 yr old still can't completely get through the night dry consistently yet, so this works like a charm for us at Disneyland, since we are local.

    My best advice though is to take Crocs for them to wear. You can simply rinse them out, wipe them dry with a paper towel, and just put on clean dry socks, if it's cold out. They are also the perfect shoes for all of the WDW and DLR water play areas.

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