New York City


Christmas Day 2017
Apr 29, 2009
I'm not sure about the Adventures by Disney..

For us... and my family ( DH and I, DD, DSIL and Sweet Grandson - 6 years old), we had a planned a trip During the Christmas school Break to see the Rockettes Christmas Special, Go to the zoo, to see real mummies at the museum and other Holiday things...

After talking it over again with my DD, we decided to table our plans for this year, and I asked her about her scheduling for spring break or the holiday next year, and she said that they have just changed their mind on going there, pretty much indefinitely. I really did not get into specific reasons. Since we have been there several times, we don't see any reason to go either now, this was a family trip.

We have some neighbors that go every year to see family in up state NY, and they spend normal 4 or 5 days in NYC before or after seeing family and they are not going this year... she said that last year showed them that there are tons of other places to go, and see.

So it just could be something as simple as lack of interest... Or maybe they are putting some new together..

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Apr 4, 2015
We did the NY Short Escape in 2016(?) & we really enjoyed it! I assumed they stopped the ABD since Broadway wasn't running & a big part of the tour was Aladdin plus other Broadway events. I hope they will bring the adventure back next year. Some people say you can do some of the NYC stuff on your own but going with ABD was so great. We got front of the line access everywhere.
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