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Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by MicheleC, Oct 14, 2004.

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    Oct 15, 1999
    I've been very interested with reading this board. Wondering if anyone out there has any advice for me. I've been a lifetime member of Weight Watchers for 6 years now since I lost weight after my first child. After my 2nd child in 2001, I lost the initial baby-weight gain pretty quickly on WW but the last 10 pounds just doesn't want to come off. I exercise a lot, weight training, firm tapes, ww tapes, tae bo and I follow the points but I just seem to hang out 8-10 lbs. above goal. Last week I was getting desperate so I started Atkins and cut the carbs. I've lost 4 lbs so far (in about 10 days) which is better than I was doing. I'm wondering if I can slowly switch back over to WW once I get to my goal weight, has anyone every tried this?? My other problem is that I'm going to WDW in 2 weeks and I know the low-carb thing wojuld be really hard to follow there. Any advice??
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    I can't really provide any specific advice, except to say that low-carb isn't difficult to follow at WDW. I spent a week there this past January in my third week on Atkins. You can find awesome salads all over (my favorite was at the Columbia Harbor House, with chicken and pecans -- totally crave-worthy, and totally on plan if you don't eat the pineapple). Eggs for breakfast are available almost everywhere, and meat and vegetables are also easy to find. Just do a bit of preplanning to see what is available in each park so that you won't be caught hungry without an idea of where to eat.

    It wouldn't hurt to have snacks like nuts on hand to take care of between-meal hunger, so you won't be tempted once there.

    Congratulations on losing 4 pounds!! That's terrific!

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    Jul 27, 2002
    I went to Disney last September and did well on SB Phase 2. I did no off site to golden coral twice during the week but otherwise I ate counter service on site at WDW and Universal. Some of the things I had were: Salmon at the Tusker House at AK, Chicken Wrap at Pacos Bills MK (trimmed the wrap a little because I'm not sure how low carb it was). Ribs and Chicken at the Land in EPCOT. A big mixed greens salad at the Earl of Sandwich in DTD (most of the salads are Iceburg so that was a nice change of pace. The Ice Cream stand on Main street has some fat free, no sugar added chocolate vanilla swirl (I asked when I got home I emailed them there are 80 calaries per 1/2 cup so about 240 in the dish I had)

    I was staying at the BWV in a studio so I had a fridge and microwave. I went to Publix and got Frozen omelets, sugar free Jello, diet pop, and milk. I did allow my one "treat" per day. Something not normally on my diet. I figured with all the extra walked it wouldn't hurt me and would make it feel more like a vacation.

    Good luck on what ever you do. It can be done. I came home about 7lbs lighter.

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