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Earning My Ears
Mar 4, 2001
I have traded Little League pins at the Little League World Series in PA for the past few years and now I thought it would be neat to do some Disney pins while on my trip in May. I saw a thread that said there was a designated pin trading area at DisneyLand. Is there the same thing at Disney World? I have just a hand fun but I have found out that it's not the amount that makes the fun it's the trading that makes the fun:)

From what I understand a good place to start would be at Pin Central in EPCOT. I also heard that trading is done in the Villain's room of the World of Disney store but I haven't been to WDW since I started pin trading.

Good Luck!

Welcome aboard !!! Make sure you bring your wallet, too many pins!!!!
we traded with castmembers when we were on our trip and they are every where, you just have to keep your eyes open. I have heard several places here that people trade at. The pin room in the World of Disney store Downtown, the pin station at Downtown Disney, the pin cart at the Boardwalk, and at Pin Central at Epcot. Hope these ideas help as they are 2nd hand to me.
Welcome to the DIS Collectors Board....:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Welcome To The Wondefull World Of Being Broke....I Mean Disney Pins!!!! :bounce: :bounce:

Have fun :) :) and Enjoy :) :)
:wave: Dom, we're fixin that problem. soon you can't say that anymore.
djs too true. broke ALL the time
duckfan, 2nd hand or not - all good advice.
:Djaypd I LOVE YOUR CLIPART. we need to combine your whistle blowing officer with our pinpics police strobe lights
Sugar Plum are you a Florida local?
Nope I am a PAer here. Is why trading Little League pins is a fun experience during the games:)


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