New Penny/Mindy dolls at DS?


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Nov 2, 1999
I called all the DS near me-they don't have any more caucasion (sp?) dolls. Have other DS been getting more in? If so, I'll keep trying. I see that people on this board are getting them, and I'd rather buy the doll in the store for $15 than online for $20 + shipping. Thanks!


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Jan 17, 2000
A disney store in my area said they are not getting any more Penny dolls which is why they are 50% off. However, the are supposedly getting a new doll. This doll will be the same size as American Girl dolls, which is the size of the penny doll so the clothes will fit them too.

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DIS Veteran
Oct 25, 2000
It's a tough call - I went ahead and got one from the catalog - used a 10% off code (helped a little) Then popped in to my local DS and they had 2 of the blonde penny dolls in stock.(there were none when I was checking the past couple of weeks) The boxes were pretty beat up though, so it's probably just as well since I'm using her as a gift. Good Luck!


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May 11, 2002
Hannah, 7yo niece, bought "My Disney Girl" in Magic Kingdom in early July. She is the size of the American Girl dolls and looks a lot like them, actually. Comes in several hair/eye/complexion colors. There are several outfits available in the parks, wonder if they'll be at the DS soon. Would like to buy her at least one outfit for Christmas. Am guessing that's the doll that will replace Penny/Mindy.


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