New Pedestrian Bridge Added to New Parking Structure at Disneyland Resort

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by dina444444, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. dina444444

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    Jul 8, 2013

    As we announced last year, a new 6,500-space parking structure is currently under construction near the Mickey & Friends structure at the Disneyland Resort. We are pleased to share the project is starting to take shape and it will now also feature a new pedestrian bridge over Magic Way.

    This new bridge will connect visitors from the parking structure—over Magic Way— to the rest of the resort, allowing guests the option to stroll through the Downtown Disney District to the theme parks’ Main Entrance. In addition, the new bridge eliminates the foot traffic crossing the street at Disneyland Drive and Magic Way, providing not only convenience, but also greater pedestrian safety and better traffic circulation.

    Set to be completed next year, these parking and transportation enhancements—along with other existing parking options throughout the resort area—are designed to dramatically improve parking and traffic flow. The new parking structure is expected to significantly speed up guest arrival by providing a 60 percent increase in the number of access lanes and by adding parking capacity on the west side of the resort. In addition, the tram boarding area will be reconfigured to enhance the transportation experience for guests parking at both the new structure and Mickey & Friends.

    We look forward to sharing more updates soon on the Disney Parks Blog!

  2. JohnneeO

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    Oct 1, 2012
    Let's see if I understand this.

    The POV of this picture is facing west, looking down Magic Way. The cars in the bottom right corner of the picture are traveling SB on Disneyland Drive. Correct?
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  3. ParkHopper1

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    Feb 5, 2011

    Correct. Existing M&F Garage is in the far right of the picture.
  4. WebmasterMaryJo

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    Dec 15, 1998
    This is a picture I took last weekend. I'm on the Mickey (3rd) level of the Mickey & Friends parking structure, and am facing south. The new parking structure is to my right, and straight ahead is the building where the bridge will be going to the pathway to Downtown Disney and the theme parks. I was talking to a cast member about that building, and he said he was told that there would be shops in there, so we will see.

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  5. gary1955

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    Feb 4, 2011
    when they started the project I noticed that some of the screening trees near the southeast corner of the lot were dug up and moved.

    looks like it was done for the new pedestrian bridge.

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