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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Berrysrus, Jul 6, 2003.

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    May 25, 2003
    Hi everyone. We just purchased points at BCV after our last trip in April. Now we are getting ready to make reservations for a very large family trip next June. I need some help on how to make the reservation. Do I book day by day at the 11 month window or do I wait for the 11 month date from the last day of the upcoming vacation. I don't quite get this.

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    If you book day-by-day you start calling for the first day 11 months form the 2nd day of your trip. This is because we can reserve 11 months out rfom the last day of the ressie. So booking day-by-day the last for the first day is the second day. No wonder your confused!!!!! Say you want 4-10-2004 thru 4-18-2004, you would call 11 months from 4-11-2004 for the first day. If you call Member Service they will be more than happy to tel you the exact date to start calling.

    Normally you only need to book day-by-day during high demand periods. April is one of the busier times so it wouldn't hurt to book day-by-day. Just tell the Cast Member at Member Service what you plan to do on the first call and it will speed the remaining calls up, as they will note on the first ressie that you will be linking all the days together.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hello and welcome!

    You can book either way. First of all, don't fret -- the folks at Member Services are great, and will help you with the reservation process. You can call at the 11-month anniversary of checkout or you can call each morning, or do a "somewhere in between" and book a few nights at a time. Your decision will be based on availability for the time of year you are traveling (is it Christmas week?) as well as your personality. I am a hysterical type and I always call day-by-day. If you call daily, let them know you'll be calling back the next day or so. When you ultimately complete the reservation, they'll send out your confirmation letter.

    Calling daily is probably more appropriate when booking at somehwere besides your home resort. By the 7-month window, lots of rooms are already theoretically "gone" so calling each day is more important. I called daily for a few days at Hilton Head, and had no problems getting a room. We just got back and we loved it!

    Again, welcome and good luck.

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