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  1. BooandBellesMum

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    Aug 22, 2003
    I just found a link to this site - what a great thing!

    We haven't been to DLP since Feb. of 2001, things have changed a bunch since then it looks like!

    Our last visit was a 2 day/ 1 night trip, we stayed at the Hotel Sequoia Lodge (which I found highly amusing being from the Western US) It just wasn't long enough! We found ourselves running through a great portion of the park on our second day and still didn't do everything we wanted to!

    This time we're returning with our now almost 7 year old and our almost 2 year old (a present named Belle from our last trip!) :earsgirl: we're also dragging (HA!) my husbands parents. We've planned a three day two night trip this time, we're also driving in from Lille instead of taking the train this time so we don't have to worry about getting back to the train in time.

    Anyway, we're planning on staying at the MyTravel's Explorers hotel as this is the only one with shuttle service that they said we would all fit in one room. I haven't been able to find a whole lot of information on the hotel, has anyone stayed there? Would we be better off getting two rooms in a hotel closer to the park?

    We're really looking forward to the trip (me and the kids mostly!) It can't get here quick enough! :Pinkbounc


  2. Gopher

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    Aug 23, 2003
    My sister and I took my neice (3) and my nephew (12) to DLP this year and we stayed at the Explorer's hotel. The hotel itself was very nice and because it is new was very clean. It is smaller than the other Disney hotels so the check in was easy with no queuing and breakfast did not seem like a rugby scrum! However the room was very small and the park is not within walking distance of the Disney parks. If there are 6 of you going I would suggest trying the Cheyenne and booking connecting rooms. It would be more expensive but you would actually have a lot more room and 2 bathrooms. Hope you find this helps.
  3. stlrod

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    Oct 13, 1999
    May I recommend the new Marriott? The rooms are 1200 square feet and each has a washer/dryer and full kitchen. It is on Disney property (surrounds the golf course) and there is a shuttle. You can see pictures at We booked rooms there for July at 206 Euro (a 25% discount for owning a Marriott Vacation Club property.) There is usually a 15% discount for seniors (don't know how old your parents are.) You can book rooms at Here's a link to pictures of Explorers I found the other day: Have fun whatever you do.
  4. WDWfan uk

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    Aug 21, 1999
    Hi - I have a brochure in front of me with My Travel's Explorers Hotel - as well as the "Standard Crew room" which accommodates up to 4, you can have an adjoining Bunk Cabin room in addition to accommodate 6 - the bunks are for children under 16, but there's also the "Captain's Quarters" which are suites accommodating up to 6 people, where you have a large double bedroom, a bedrom with twin or bunk beds and a living area with a double sofa bed (apparently not suitable for adults , two bathrooms, A/C, hairdryer, and coffee/tea making facilities.

    The photo of the standard room looks fairly basic.

    You do get a free shuttle but I'm just wondering, if you stayed at the Sequoia last time you may miss the proximity of the parks and the Disney Village - it is great to be able to walk back to your hotel if you want to!

    ( The Marriott does sound a good alternative too!)

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