Neverland Club - How 'manic' is it?


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Feb 12, 2001
We've booked the Neverland Club for our 2 DDs so myself and DH can go to E night. The trouble is, it's on the 3rd night of our vacation and the girls will still be a bit jetlagged and running on English time (5 hours ahead!) Are there quiet areas and/or places to lie down (and probably go to sleep in the 5 yr old's case!) ?



It was pretty quiet there when my DD went. There is a room where they have a movie running and some quiet arts and crafts that is far away from the games and rowdiness--they should be fine :)

Have a Wonderful day, Eeyore
We did the same as you. We left the girls there while we went to e-night. They were 7 & 4 at the time.
Once the major activities were done (the buffet,the animals and keeper from AK & the character visit) they played movies on the huge screen in the movie area and gave everyone snacks and pillows and blankets.
They all staked out their spots on the huge stairs (they are wider than twin beds) with their things, and enjoyed the movie. When we got there (around 11pm) there were several little ones sleeping and many awake enjoying the movie.(my two were wide eyed and bushy tailed!)
And it was quiet and the lights were dimmed, but just slightly.
I think if they are totally exhausted, they will have no problem falling asleep, or they could be so excited and not even blink an eye like my two.
Have a great time! :D

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