Never stayed at the Boardwalk...Opinions please :)

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by TinkGurl13, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. TinkGurl13

    TinkGurl13 Earning My Ears

    Jan 4, 2013
    Thanks for any feedback ;) Our family has done Grand Californian at Disneyland twice & Grand Floridian & Polynesian once at WDW. We've never been to the Boardwalk Inn & just wanted some opinions & if you have any photos, it would be appreciated:goofy:
  2. dansdad

    dansdad DIS Veteran

    Sep 21, 2011
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  4. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    Apr 16, 2007
    We've never stayed at BWI but we've visited many times and it's on our list of resorts to try. It's a beautiful resort and it's great being within walking distance to Epcot and DHS :goodvibes.
  5. francie57

    francie57 DIS Veteran

    Aug 24, 2008
    We love the BW and all the Epcot resorts. The convenience to 2 parks can't be beat. We love being able to walk over to Epcot each night for dinners. There is entertainment on the BW at night which is fun to watch. The pool is great although we have gotten to where we like the quiet pools more since we like to sit in the water and read. You won't be disappointed - we love this area and will be returning next weekend for the marathon.
  6. JKMastalski

    JKMastalski <font color=teal>Enjoys wine at Victoria Falls<br>

    Mar 17, 2003
    We stayed at the Boardwalk in October during free dining promotion. We LOVED it and will definitely stay there again. We booked a standard view room (water view was going to be about $600 more) and we were so surprised to see that our standard view was actually a view of the Epcot ball & the eiffel tower. Plus it was a corner room, so we had windows on 2 sides, it was beautiful.
    The only complaint I had was the bus transportation. You share a bus with the dolphin and swan and they got SUPER crowded in the mornings and the nights.
    We found the restaurants to be mediocre. Flying fish was excellent but Kouzzina was not very good (went for dinner and breakfast) and the boardwalk bakery was just okay.
    But we loved being able to walk right over to epcot and we loved the pool. We are hoping to stay again in the next year or so!
  7. kmk1180

    kmk1180 "Today's a good day to Win a Trip to Disney World.

    Oct 30, 2006
    we've stayed at every deluxe hotel except Beach Club.
    Boardwalk is our favorite.
    (AKL close second)
    We have Boardwalk view. well worth it.
    sat on porch each night people watched and fireworkd watched.
    Easy walk to EPCOT
    Nice walk or boat to HS.
    Love the atmosephere.
    Good food choices in walking distance.

    If we could buy into DVC, I'd buy here.
  8. Eeyore's Wife

    Eeyore's Wife DIS Veteran

    Oct 14, 2007
    We liked it for adult trips, but for young kids access to MK is King!

    Boardwalk Inn was a wonderful adult resort.
    For us, Jellyrolls was divine.
    Boats were fun by day and romantic by night.
    Ambling over to Epcot for drinks or an almond pretzel a magical perk.
  9. Abby Wednesday

    Abby Wednesday Mouseketeer

    Dec 11, 2009
    We really enjoyed our stay. The theme and decor were nice. Our courtyard view was surprisingly quiet, and we could see some of the Epcot fireworks. We even liked the piped-in music (early to mid- 20th century band and jazz music, eg Bunny Berrigan or Harry James). Very convenient to Epcot, and I never had problems with MK buses, though I have seen complaints from others. Loooooong bus rides to AKL and DTD. Kouzzina had a fantastic breakfast, though they were not to my taste for dinner, Tried all the pools and they were nice, Fun slide, clown notwithstanding. It was also fun watching the performers on the boardwalk. Enjoy your trip planning!
  10. Julie711

    Julie711 DIS Veteran

    Jan 12, 2012
    Just came back a few weeks ago from a one bedroom villa at the boardwalk and loved it!!
    The closeness to Epcot & HS is great, easy boat ride, night life on the boardwalk was nice, my DD played some games. Really liked the gift shop & the bakery had good items!! Only did the pool once for about 1/2 hour, my DH & DD ( 4 years old) went on the clown slide and had a fun!
  11. Mom2darlingboys

    Mom2darlingboys DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2010
    We stayed at the Boardwalk Villas in September and LOVED it! It is a great resort, with so much to do.

    As others have mentioned, a walk to Epcot and short boat ride to Hollywood Studios. Multiple options for food - we loved Kouzzina, despite the bad reviews! Our kids thoroughly enjoyed the pool and slide, and especially Community Hall. They were thrilled to be able to go down and do crafts, play ping pong and rent movies for rainy nights. The Boardwalk entertainment (although on a two-week trip, you see the same guys over and over and over again!). One of our best memories was playing the boardwalk amusement park games.

    But, I will add to those who were not happy with the bus service. It was the worst we have ever experienced. We shared service with the Swan, Dolphin, Yacht Club and Beach Club so were the fifth stop every time - appalling for a deluxe. And the inner hallways were really, really LONG. They reminded me of that scene in Poltergeist where the girl is running down the hall and the faster she runs, the farther the hallway stretches. Exhausting after a long day in the parks.

    Truthfully, it was our favorite resort to date, but the bus service may have us reconsidering for the future.
  12. aml3679

    aml3679 Kita's Mom

    Jun 24, 2000
    We would love to stay there because of the location but too expensive for us. I asked my husband about the Swan or Dolphin because I get a nice discount for being an RN. My husband said they were not Disney enough. We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge next December.
  13. kristen2276

    kristen2276 Mouseketeer

    May 7, 2007
    Ok, We went in June 2012, and had a few issues upon check in and were very disappointed. Here is what happened- we get there- YEAH- pick up our packet and everything is good, head up to the room, and as soon as we open the door we are smacked in the face with the worst and very strong mildew/mold odor. It was awful, we walk in, my kid is freaking out because he is OVERLY sensitive(has Sensory issues) I started to get a headache within minutes of being in the room, we go to the front desk, and are given a new room, however were not offered bell services etc.. Get to new room, same smell- Finally they take me to 3 rooms and I picked a new one- this time bell services are called and they move us to the new room. Not once did we get a call or check in to make sure we were ok, no manager was ever notified, that we needed to move 3 times. We were just disappointed in the service. The rest of our trip was fine and I did speak to a manager because I requested one, but it was just disappointing, we finally made it to a deluxe and that was what we experienced. I don't know that we will not stay there again, but this trip we are trying the beach club.
  14. hoosll

    hoosll DIS Veteran

    Aug 23, 2000
    We stayed at BW in 2007. We wanted to try something in the Epcot area. We were disappointed with the lack of QS dining choices so for me having tha ability to park hop is a MUST so that you can go to Epcot for a meal even if you visited another park that day. But, that doesn't solve what I consider the worst problem, there really is not a good option for a quick hot breakfast like at some other resorts. One night it was cold and rainy and we didn't feel like going back to a park to catch a quick dinner and there really was no place easily accesible that did not require ADRs except ESPN club and the brewing co.

    We have found the Roaring Forks at WL and the QS at Cont Resort to be great options for meals so for a deluxe we like to stay near MK where we can go to MK, Cont, Poly, GF, FW to eat.
  15. mirage0306

    mirage0306 DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2009
    We stayed at BWI in June 2012 and both really liked it (though DH thought it was kind of stuffy, LOL). The location is amazing. Being able to walk to Epcot is fantastic. It was a much easier walk than I had anticipated. Even walking to DHS was not too bad. Epcot is our favorite park, so being in close proximity was a plus.

    Our room was big, not too far down the hall, and we had a lovely courtyard view. It was very peaceful. The pool was really fun and the waterslide was amazing!!! Being on the boardwalk was great--my kids loved the area, loved to feed the ducks, enjoyed watching the performers, etc.

    The lack of QS was not too big of a deal to us. We used the pizza window a lot, and the BW bakery as well. However, we stayed CL so were able to get breakfast every morning there. if we had been just in a regular room, it might have been more irritating.

    The biggest downside to the resort was the bus service to the other parks/DTD. BWI shares with BC, YC, and S/D virtually everywhere and BWI is pretty much always the last stop. Like the poster upthread said, it was pretty awful.

    We probably won't stay at the BWI again, but not because we hated it or anything. We just prefer WL or AKL for lots of other reasons, so will be at one of those the next time we go back. :) BWI is a really great resort.
  16. cmesq61

    cmesq61 DIS Veteran

    Oct 23, 2004
    Stayed BWI for first time last Sept. Had previously always stayed Poly. Loved BWI for: lovely bright rooms; extremely clean w/ outstanding housekeeping; the lounge was fabulous; so many restaurant choices; easy peazy access to EP; beautiful at night. Did not like: challenging getting to/from MK; no QS/CS option; a long walk to get a drink from the quiet pool; not as handicapped friendly.

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