Nervous about flying out of Syracuse in December

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Masonmj84, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Masonmj84

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    Jul 28, 2011
    We live in upstate NY and are planning a trip for mid-December.

    Even though their schedule hasn't yet been released, we're looking at JetBlue out of Syracuse, which historically has had an early morning straight flight at a reasonable price (we also like JetBlue becuase of the first bag being free and being able to watch TV on the flight).

    We've never tried to fly out of Syracuse that time of year and are worried due to its propensity to get a lot of lake effect snow (this past winter notwithstanding). Especially, for this trip, where we're planning to stay at the Poly. Even if we just missed one day due to flights being cancelled, I would just be so bummed. :headache:

    So we're looking for advice from veteran winter Disney travelers from potentially snowbound locales. What are some things we can do to mitigate the front end of our trip being screwed up due to flight cancellations from a major storm?
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    Mar 19, 2001
    :wave2: We fly every February from either Boston Logan or Providence, RI to either Orlando, Tampa or Ft Myers depending on what our plans are. We have been making this trip annually since 2004. We have had major delays only twice in that time frame.

    First time was over the Valentine's Day storm and we were flying Delta. We spent the day at the airport boarding and deplaning, until we were finally cancelled altogether 8 hours later. Delta could not get us out until 3 days later, and then it was only to Tampa and not Ft Myers. However, they did book us in First Class and reimbursed us for the rental car we had to book to get where we needed to go.

    Second time was 2 years ago, when there was snow from New England to North Carolina. My cousin & her family were flying the day before us, so they were cancelled before we were. Once they were cancelled, we made the decision to rent a large SUV and drive. We had 4 adults, and 3 12 year olds in a Chevy Tahoe. It took about 29 hours from Norfolk, MA to Bonita Springs, FL

    My best adivce: Book as early in the day as you can. As weather deteriorates, there is a ripple effect and everything gets delayed/cancelled. If you are booked for early in the AM, as long as the plane is there, or can get there, there is usually a good chance you will get out.

    Since our drive 2 years ago, we always pre-emptively rent a car in case we need to drive. We cancel if we don't need it, but it's a nice option to have.

    There is also a GREAT thread here on the board called "What do to do if your flight is delayed" or something similar that is pages and pages long, but is loaded with FANTASTIC advice from some of our very savvy and experienced travellers. That thread is here:

    ETA--the #1 most IMPORTANT piece of advice--NON STOP flights whenever possible. Less chance of something going awry if you only have to take off and land once
  3. jlewisinsyr

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    Mar 29, 2007
    I moved from Syracuse. Of all cities that could get hit with snow, Syracuse is the most equipped.

    On the first flight of the day, the plane will already be in Syracuse from the night before (last flight of the day). Unless the flight is completely cancelled and they cannot get the plane in from Orlando (it's previous destination if you're taking a direct, JFK if taking a connection) by the next morning from the last flight of the day before, you shouldn't have any issues.

    Syracuse is home to the world's largest snowplow and December is on average a lot less snowy compared to January and February. I personally, wouldn't worry about it, especially with the first flight of the day.
  4. Monkeyfeet

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    Oct 24, 2006
    I live in Syracuse and would not be worried flying out of here in December. If nervous then instead of the 7am flight take one a little later.

    We are going the 11:10 am one (it has been moved to 10:30 now, at least for our flight) and we are in by 1:05. So if things are bad in the morning then they should be cleared up by then:)
  5. Lori in CNY

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    Aug 18, 1999
    I've lived in Syracuse most of my life and December is not typically a month you should be worried. Lake effect snow usually kicks in later in the winter and February and March can be pretty dicey.

    Also, when booking your flight, here's a little fact to keep in the back of your mind. The 7:00 am flight is on a plane that spends the night at the Syracuse airport. If there are any weather issues in NYC, you won't be at all affected because the plane will already be here in town parked at our airport. If you are on a later flight, it is on an aircraft that arrives from NYC and there can always be delays that way. We flew out last August when there was a hurricane coming up the coast. NYC was already affected and all flights from there and Newark were cancelled but we were able to fly out and steer clear of the storm. When we landed in MCO everyone was shocked that we had made it out of New York State as every other flight had already been cancelled. Our plane was tucked into bed at SYR and ready for an early morning departure without incident.

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