Need help planning Disney weekend trip with DH

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by chefkellyb, May 21, 2007.

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    Ok DIS "friends"! Before I take the time to research, I thought I would start here to see if anyone has similar plans and/or can share with me the best way to get the best rate on a Room Only with possibly the DDP too.

    DH and I want to sneak away for our anniversary to do the "behind the scenes tours of the Kingdom" since our kids are too young. Please- no bashing us about not taking the kids. We just got back from the world with them for a week and will be taking them again in January. Since we just got back last week- I really need to come up with a good deal. And we usually travel using DVC, so this is a little foreign to me as to where to go for the best deal.:confused3

    Here's what we need: Cheapest price for a room On-Site and possibly DDP for check-in Thurs July 19- Sunday July 22.

    Here's what we already have (for discount reasons): We are DVC Members, Annual Passholders, Disney Dining Experience, and we are AAA members. We also have SW credits that will cover our airfare.

    We really don't care if it is a Value room or not, just looking for the cheapest Disney property rate. Where should I go to book? Call Disney directly - is there a code - what phone number? Call AAA? Call a travel agent?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    You cannot get a room-only reservation in the resort hotels rooms and still get the DDP. If you were staying DVC, that would be another story, since DVC members (and their guests) staying on points can purchase the DDP.

    AP discount rates are probably the best choice and they are available thru 8/4 right now. $36 off the Summer Season rack rate for moderates and $90-$126 off the rack rate for EPCOT area resorts' value season rates.

    If you want a Value Resort, AAA might be your only option for a room-only discount for your dates.

    My suggestion would be to contact a TA like Dreams Unlimited. They specialize in Disney travel and they would be able to apply any code that is available to you for your reservation.

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