Need help planning Disney Honeymoon in May 07

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    Mar 5, 2003
    My nephew and his fiance didn't think they would be taking much of a honeymoon. She just passed her tests and is now a licensed pharmacist!! They have a brand new house in the process of being built and with everything going on, they were just going to take a couple days for a honeymoon. Well, she called me last night and wants me to help plan their honeymoon in Disney for May 20 (sunday) to May 27 (sunday).

    As much as I like to pride myself on loving Disney and knowing it like the back of my hand, I just don't feel comfortable being in control of their vacation! She is coming over tomorrow night to get on line with me and help her plan it out. They have never been, but she has gotten on line and looked up some stuff and also got some recommendations from friends/family. This is what she thinks she wants to do:

    1) stay at animal kingdom lodge or wilderness lodge (in a honeymoon suite?) I told her I would check to see if one existed.... I have stayed at AKL in a Savannah View but know not much else....
    2) she would like to go to the spa at the Grand Florida for a facial or something pampering at some point during the trip...
    3) has never been so she says to make ressies for dinner at whatever restaurants I recommend:idea: I know of some good ones that I think they will like, but hopefully we will be able to get them being that it is only 90 +- days out and most people book at 180.....

    I guess my question is, is there anything that honeymooners "should do" or you feel would be special to do for a honeymoon? They aren't real picky people, I think they will have a great time no matter what gets planned.

    Is there a suite at either AKL or WL that you would recommend we try to acquire? I would like to giver her some recommendations and then I am thinking maybe she should call Dreams Unlimited and have them organize the whole thing. I would like to advise her on some of her choices, but just don't feel comfortable being in total control of their honeymoon.

    Any :idea: ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Thanks!
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    Jan 11, 2007
    I would suggest making a reservation at one of the Epcot restaurants and watch Illuminations afterwards. My personal favorite is Le Cellier in Canada. If that one is full, Le Bistro de Paris is nice too, and you could possibly watch illuminations from your table there. Another idea is to watch the Wishes fireworks from the Poly beach. Hope this helps.
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  4. jasnal

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    Nov 4, 2006
    I am staying at the animal kindom lodge for my honeymoon and I don't believe they have a "honeymoon suite". They do have suites though.
  5. Najo

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    Feb 6, 2007
    I just returned from my honeymoon at disney on the 27th. My suggestions are these:

    1.) Don't plan too much, I overbooked us, and we ended up running around alot, honeymooners need time for themselves!

    2.) We stayed concierge at the wilderness, very romantic setting. The cool thing is you can call the concierge and set up some extras for them, we got a autographed pic from mickey and minnies wedding, and some balloons. But you can ask them to do anything.

    3.) Reserve NOW for cinderellas royal table, tell them it is for a honemoon. It is a great place and if you can get a ressie for wishes time do it! They turn the lights down and pipe in the music. Very romantic. They also gave us wine glasses with "cinderellas royal table" on them!

    4.) If the stay at wilderness, reserve a carriage ride at fort wilderness. Again you can try to reserve around wishes time, good view and the driver will stop and let you watch the show, also very romantic.

    Just a couple of things we did that we really enjoyed! I also hear you can arrange wishes viewing at the contemporary and couple that with dinner at the california grill, but that we did not do. If the stay concierge, they can help a ton with that stuff!!!

    Hope this helps!!!
  6. kicks1282

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    Jul 25, 2006
    DF and I are disneymooning April 1-7. Here are our ADRs:

    4/2- Dinner at Cali Grill 9 p.m. (Wishes dinner)
    4/3- Lunch at Tony's (MK) 12 p.m.
    4/4- Dinner at Hoop Dee Doo Revue 5 p.m. - I was here when I was about 8 and they did have a cute part where they asked all of the newlyweds and then those celebrating anniversaries to dance to a song they played. The food is also great southern comfort food - ribs, fried chicken, potatoes, corn on the cob and strawberry short cake for dessert!
    4/5- Dinner at Le Cellier (Epcot) 5 p.m.
    4/6- Lunch at 50's Prime Time Cafe (MGM) 12 p.m. - DF and I LOVE this restaurant. The food is great, the service is great and it's very entertaining (keep your elbows off the table, be good 'cause Mom is watching, etc. - hilarious).

    DF is a huge sports fan so I was hoping to get in to see some baseball at Wide World of Sports but alas, the last game is 3/30. I'm still looking to see if I can find something else fun for us to do (perhaps someone will be down visiting the ESPN Club while we're there - when we were on the College Program, we got to meet Adam Vinateri now of the Colts and Brian Dawkins of the Eagles which was awesome 'cause DF is from Philly)

    Hope this helped a little. Congratulations to them and best of luck with the planning!

    DISNEYLOVER70 <font color=blue>Speaks softly but carries a big s

    Mar 5, 2003
    Thank you to all who have posted so far. I have been looking into the suites that are available for WL and AKL and either they aren't available, or they aren't appearing on Disney's website. I think I may call Disney direct tonight and see what they have open for those time slots. I also sent for a quote for Dreams Unlimited to see what they come up with. That would probably be the easiest and safest way to go.

    To all those just getting back and those with future weddings/honeymoons, congrats!!

    Thank again everybody!
  8. heatherlynn444

    heatherlynn444 DIS Veteran

    Jan 9, 2006
    I honeymooned at the GF a month ago, so here is my "advice" haha. Narcosees was our favorite, meal, and you can see wishes from teh deck. we also wanted to try Jiko at AKL but due to some sudden illnesses we had to skip it. I agree with an above poster about a carraige ride, that sounds like fun. they also do them at port orleans FQ I think? also sitting in the GF lobby listening to teh orchestra and piano is fun and romantic, or walking around the grounds. tell them to get teh bride and groom ears for extra pixie dust! :wizard: I also agree with the overplanning, I am guilty of that and we ended up cancelling some of our ADR's in favor of just hanging out. hope this helps some!:)
  9. buf68

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    Apr 25, 2006
    Definately make sure she gets the dining works miracles (IE cinderella's royal table is a $98 meal for 2, it costs 2 table service meals, but it's worth it, same with California Grill)....that said, book CRT and Cali Grill NOW (up to 6 mos in advance)...I would do dinner at both. CRT is a great atmosphere, we ate there our first night of our honeymoon...we were the only honeymoon couple and the fairy godmother came over during her routine and made a HUGE deal out of us (it helped that I was wearing my "bride" visor) and honestly touched me so much I was in tears (happy ones of course) you get the toasting glasses to keep which are great. We were going to stay up there to watch wishes (we had the timing right), but the windows were all fogged up from the weather and wet so we couldn't see anything...but what was cool is we went down outside DURING wishes and got to take really awesome pictures with a few thousand people standing out in front of us (made me feel amazingly special).

    Cali grill has AMAZING food (again, a $130 meal for 2 table service credits)...really any time is good for a ressie, we did an early dinner and got to take daytime pictures overlooking the castle, and they allow you to come back at night to watch wishes from the restaurant.

    Those are the 2 that I'd say they HAVE to do...this was my first time going to those restaurants and they were just amazing. We also loved O'Hanas. In terms of to dos, make sure they get to all the parks, and if they can afford it i've heard the Cirque de Solei is cool. There is really so much you COULD do, you just have to play it by what she'd like to do. :) Feel free to PM me with any questions she might have, i've been to dis a few times and we honeymooned there 6 mos. ago! :)

    Oh, and when they get there into the park, have them go to guest relations to get the honeymoon buttons, they give you some extra attention (congrats and whatnot) and occasionally some perks.

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