Need help from creative mommies and daddies! Birthday party.....


Viva Latvia!
Feb 18, 2001
We are having a Barbie themed party for my DD who will be 4 soon. I would like to do some games, and also need ideas for the gift bags for the boys that will be there. I would like to try and do a Barbie and Ken party so there is something for the boys. It is mostly a family party with one friend and her 2 boys coming. HELP!!!!

Ages. Girls 4, 3 1/2, and 2
boys 8, 7, 6, and 5

(The older boys are very sweet and play with DD all the time, so it would be ok for simple games, they would play)
For party guests this young, you'll want to play games where everybody is a winner so that no one's feelings get hurt.

Here are two ideas:

Pass the Package - Purchase small prizes like tiny beanie babies or Hotwheel cars. Wrap each prize in a few layers of regular bond paper. Have the kids pass the package around (like a Hot Potato game) while you play music. When the music stops, whoever is holding the package removes a layer of the paper. Whoever is holding the package when the last piece of paper is removed, wins that prize. The nice thing about this game is that you can see who has the package when you stop the music and fix it so each kid wins a prize.

Fishing Game - You'll need small prizes like tiny water guns, plastic slinkies and/or dinosaurs. On PowerPoint, make several pairs of mirror image fish using PP's clipart. Cut out the fish, place a prize on one, and put the mirror image fish on top. Staple or tape all around the edges. Put an extra large paper chip on each fish. Place all the fish in an empty kiddie pool or on a blue towel (for water) and have the kids go fishing for their prizes. Make a fishing pole with a stick, string, and a magnet. The magnet picks up a fish and the child gets what is inside.

I'd also have a pinata, and a water balloon toss game is fun too. Have fun! Throwing kiddie parties is one of the best things about having little kids.
Dress up!! Hair things, makeup and nail polish for the little girls and a pirate patch and scars for the little boys.

Pin the pony tail on Barbie --- you can make this yourself by purchasing a Barbie poster and then one of those artifical hair pony tails at a discount hair salon.

There are kits to making your own Barbie Doll cake that are so cute.

As the mother of 2 little boys, I can tell you right now that Ken is considered extremely un-cool to them....LOL I'm sorry to be a killjoy...they tend to still think of him as a 'girl toy'...I'd suggest GI Joe instead, or better yet, ANYTHING to do with Yu-Gi-Oh.
OH MY GOSH!!!!!! Vija, I just noticed your tagline!! Sveiks and Labdien!! Ka tev iet?
THanks everyone for the creative ideas. Those certainly are going to help me out! I love the idea of the pin the ponytail on Barbie! And I know that I can certainly utilize the idea of the pass the package!

BedKnobbery2, Thanks for the info on the Ken issue. I guess I never thought about that. AND, I sent you a PM. Labvakar!

Boys like Scooby Doo too...and Harry Potter stuff.

There's a ton of Harry Potter stuff on clearance everywhere these days...Big Lots, Wal-Mart, you name it.
We did a pinata this year and everyone loved it. We went from youngest to oldest. No one was allowed to pick up any candy until the pinata burst completely open. This was the only game since the rest of the time was spent playing sports or in the pool.

For gifts I gave Legos and decorative pencils to the boys. I was able to find little boxes of Legos at the $1.00 store, even two different age levels. The girls were a wide range of ages, so I also picked up items at the $1.00 store for them: diaries, stuffed animals....


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