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    Jul 10, 2012
    Hi all,

    I know I procrastinated and never got this done but we will be needing a 1 day rental out of Sanford Airport for next Thursday the 18th.

    I am a Fastbreak member and would prefer to use Budget since I'm familiar with them but that was through MCO-Orlando airport.

    We have decided to just keep the rental 1 day as we will only be there a day and a half then off to the Fantasy cruise on Saturday the 20th----I guess we will get a town car service to pick us up Saturday morning because I don't want to hassle with returning the car at port and we will be able to get on the ship sooner that way. After the cruise we have decided to do DCL transfers on their bus ---we've done this before and it's easy and quick----we have decided not to use them on the way there because the DCL bus won't get us to port early enough for a 11:00am boarding time.

    I'm assuming it would be cheapest to just have the car for the 1 day and get rid of it as soon as we get there so we don't have to think about it the next day.

    Has anyone had experience with Budget at Sanford??? Are their cars on site???

    The best rate I can get through them right now is an intermediate SUV for $48 for the day----Is there any other better price for budget than that that anyone knows of???

    Also wondering if anyone knows how long of a drive it is to WDW from there??? I'm assuming 45 minutes to an hour---what about tolls cost wise???

    And...the biggest ???---I see that the Doubletree has a drop off for Budget at Downtown Disney ---does anyone know how far they are from Coronado Springs Resort and how long we should expect from turning in the car and getting taken by them to our resort??? This would be around 1:00pm in the afternoon????

    Would I be better off with going with another rental company??---I just know somewhat what to expect with Budget and am used to them so I like the Fastbreak---although I don't know if it would make a huge difference at a smaller airport. $48 doesn't seem bad but if I could get something for half that price then it would probably make a difference and the other key is if there would be a closer return point for a rental to Coronado Springs then Budget-----We are going to try and make MNSSHP that night we get in so we would like to be to the resort as soon as we get to WDW.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated:confused3 Thanks;)

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