Need fast food places around USF


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May 1, 2001
I already ordered a map from, but patience is not one of ny virtues !!!

Could anyone tell me what fast food places are near USF? Preferably ones that deliver.

I did a search on mapquest and found a few pizza places but I don't know how far they are and if they deliver.

I'd like to be able to collect coupons before I go. Or does anyone give you coupons if you're staying at the HRH?

I need to save as much as possible but not ruin the trip worrying about money.


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Sep 7, 1999
Not delivery but I do know that there's a McDonalds on Kirkman and a Wendy's on Major Blvd.

There is alos a Pizza Hut up on Kirkman near the Publix which I'm sure delivers.


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Aug 20, 1999
There's a Ponderosa and Burger King on Kirkman as well.


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Apr 25, 2000
If you stay on Major Blvd (which is the closest you can get to the parks), there's plenty of stuff within easy walking distance. (I should point out that some people on this board think my definition of "within easy walking distance" is insane.)

There's Ponderosa, Burger King, and Wendy's. Those are your cheapest bets. Ponderosa, for example, has a $3.99 breakfast buffet. Also on Kirkman is TGI Friday's and the Orlando Ale House. I don't know if they deliver but I bet they'd make up something to go.

Egg Roll 99 on Vineland near Kirkman and Major delivers, although they don't go past Wet n Wild. If you're staying on the Universal side of I-4, you'll be okay. FWIW, I wasn't impressed by the quality of their food. The number is 407-363-4466

Here are some pizza places that deliver:
Pizza Hut 407-354-1582
Domino's 407-248-8434
Papa John's 407-363-7272

You can ask at the hotel front desk for the Take Out Express Super Menu. This features a bunch of restaurants in the International Drive area such as TGI Friday's, Siam Orchid, Chili's, Pizzeria Uno, Passage To India (excellent!!), Bella Roma, The Ocean Grill, Carrino's, etc.

This alternative is not exactly cheap, however. There's a minimum order of $15, a $4.99 delivery charge and you are expected to tip. The phone number for Take Out Express is 407-352-1170.

Hope this helps.

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May 1, 2001
Thanks alot !!!

I feel flattered to get replies from the "experts".

I admit it, I'm a planning freak. This info was exactly what I was looking for. I'm planning this this trip for many family members and they're all happy with the info I've learned so far.

Thanks to all of you!!!!!!

P.S. Kelly-still waiting on your book !!!!!!!!!!!!

K ;)

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