Need an Infant/Toddler Halloween Costume?

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by Mickey527, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Mickey527

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    Feb 1, 2000
    I had a tag sale today and made $385!! but the Halloween costumes I had for my neice and grandson didn't sell.
    If anyone wants them I will give them to you for the cost of shipping.
    I have an 18 month Disney Store Marie Costume. It is padded on the tummy and has a hood that is Marie's head. It is made of a nice fleece with sparkly yarn throughout. Very cute on...
    I have a 12-18 month Incredibles costume. It is a thin polyester and has the Incredibles logo on the chest along with a velcro closed mask. We gelled my grandson's hair into a curl and he looked adorable. I was surprised but he wore the mask all night, it didn't bother him at all and he is very sensitive to hats and sun glasses, he is always taking them off.
    I have a size 18 month Fireman costume. The pants are black fleece with light reflecting stripes on it. the jacket is yellow plastic with silver reflective tape on it, and the hat is red fleece with a fireman logo on it. My grandson didn't wear this, he refused to dress up last year.
    Send me an email with your city and state and which costume you want and I will take it to the post office to see what shipping will be and get back to you right away. Peggie
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    Hi Peggie -

    Congratulations on doing so well at your yard sale!! I just sent you a PM about your costumes. Thanks so much!!
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    We have a Halloween costume trade thread here.

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