Need an honest opinion, Universal studios or MGM for a 4 yo and 7 yo (girls).


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Feb 20, 2001
We are trying to decide what kind of tickets to buy, and it basically comes down to whether they will enjoy Universal studios or MGM more. Which one has more for that age group? Thanks for any help. :)

My girls, 2 and 4, liked US better - they have the Barney Show, Jaws, Kongfrontation, Woody Woodpecker's play zone, E.T. and the Nick studios. They are daredevils, though, and some of the rides they enjoy are geared toward older riders, but they definitely liked US better. When we visit MGM, it's usually only for 1/2 day and then we finish up our day at EPCOT.
The Little Mermaid attraction is wonderful. If they are big Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast fans, MGM is the right place. Otherwise, USF.

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We went 2 years ago with our 2 daughters aged 6 & 4 and they far preferred Universal Studios. However they are kind of wimpy when it comes to rides - no way would they have considered TOT at MGM or a lot of the shows at Universal for that matter(Jaws, T2 in 3D, etc.)But they loved ET, the playground area and loads of other things.

If you have time do both MGM and Universal - both have lots of things your girls will enjoy!
MGM has the Doug Show, Lil Mermaid, Beauty&Beast,
Hunchback show, area to play.

US is great if your kids are daredevils and like the rides. We took our kids when they were 6 and 4. Although they loved US, they still rememeber all the fire. ie . King Kong, Jaws, Earthquake.
If you can do both go for it, but if not my vote would still be MGM


MGM has great shows for kids but US/IOA has the best movie rides. If their idea of theme parks is riding then US is the right choice. There is so much for them at both parks it is hard to decide.
I love both parks. My son, 8, enjoys rides more than shows so Universal is better for him. He only likes TOT, RnRoller Coaster and the Great Movie Ride at MGM. MGM is, for us, a half a day park.


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