Need advise on booking air, please.


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Mar 9, 2001
Hello. Here's the deal....three of us flying out of Lexington, KY Oct. 25th - Nov 2nd. MNSSHP here we come! Right now Delta has air for $214.00, it had been $244.00. I've never booked by myself, did Delta package last year. Is this a rate I should jump on or wait until closer to time to go?.....I'm afraid if I wait it'll go up or something. Does costs go down closer to flight day?

Any advise would help.
I am not familiar with fares from KY, but isn't that a bit high? We are flying from Phoenix to MCO in June on United for $185/RT. If it was me going in October, I would wait a few more months....I did not start really daily searching for our trip until this month.
If a fare looks reasonable to me, I tend to jump on it even if it's pretty far in advance. There's only been a couple of times when it has dropped lower, and it's never been by a very dramatic amount. Of course, we are in Chicago and can choose from Midway or O'Hare, so there are a lot of choices and competition in this market. We already have our tickets for our Feb. March and April trips and are anxiously waiting for the fares to drop for May, July, August, and November. We check with Orbitz on a weekly basis.
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Gee, it sure is hard to figure out the best way to do air travel!
I've been watching for good rates from Duluth, MN since December.
Saw $287 right off and decided to things on expedia
are a minimum of $423; the best my travel agent can do is
$365. We're seriously considering giving up our resolve to
fly out of Duluth and drive down to Mpls-St. Paul instead. It'll
cost us a night at a hotel, but we can get "park and fly" for
$139, so it's probably a better deal than an extra $100 per
person (with a group of 11 or more!). I am seeing U S Airways
running @$211 out of MSP tonight, so we may jump on that
if we can get enough tickets for our group. Gee this is
complicated! The problem is, I'd rather have things settled
and know what I'm going to be paying than wait till the last
minute to see if I can save a few bucks. The stress is too much
for me! Good luck with your trip. We're going 10/26
to 11/3 (OKW). Maybe we'll see you at MNSSHP!:bounce:

I have been looking at air fare for months now but it hasn't moved-up nor down- but I have noticed (if I go in and act like I am trying to make them for the next month) that they are $140. cheaper so I myself am waitiing to book closer to my June departure date.
Jennymouse- Have you tried This site has the lowest airfares I've seen on any travel site. That being said, I booked on last October for a June 2002 trip(Austin, TX to Orlando). I bid $120 & was denied; added the San Antonio airport & re-bid at $130. They accepted!!! With tax it came to $154pp. I added trip insurance & it went up to around $165. Now I feel secure & I got a great deal. The lowest rate I've seen since was in the $180's & that was before Christmas. It's now at $232. I check Hotwire often to remind myself of how good I did! This is the second trip in a row I've used Priceline-I love it! In case you're wondering, our flight itenerary isn't bad-leave Austin at 9:50am, arrive at Orlando 4:40pm(via St. Louis). On our return, we don't leave Orlando till 5:40pm. That means we get another half-day at WDW! Hope this helps. 138 days till the Swan...
I've never used Priceline - are you able to pick the times (approximately) that you want to travel or do you bid the amt. you're willing to pay & then the flights/times are picked for you? Sounds interesting since I've been checking tix from Philly to MCO & they're not going down yet - still about $240-$250 for the times I want. TIA for any info

I appreciate all the replys..........I'm kinda like Mom to have things booked & settled so I know what I'm doing. That said, I'm willing to wait a while longer, of course. I haven't tried Hotwire yet, but will. I could drive to Louisville and fly Southwest, but would like to avoid that hassle....Oh, well, I'll hang on for a while. Maybe do as suggested, go back to m & act like I'm leaving next month & see what happens. I'm just so afraid rates will skyrocket on me before I do something.

Thanks again for all the input.


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