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<font color=blue>Aww yes. The dreaded "mouse hand"
Jun 11, 2006

For anyone who might need to hear this!

It's quite simple, I've got your back, I'll walk beside you, I'll be a safe haven for you in a storm, and I'll cheer for you when everyone else is silent. All you have to do is just be you, fully beautiful, in all your splendor! Happy Pride Month
What a great pin!
i love it! i bought it to wear it proudly to hubby's father's 100th birthday party in a somewhat passive aggressive fashion because i knew there would be people i hadn't seen in years after they refused to go to our daughter's wedding. It was fun watching people lean in to read the wording while commenting on how pretty it was start to squirm and cover their reactions. Then they would awkwardly glance at the pin on the other side that I was wearing to show my support of our son's wife and grandson since they both have official status as indigenous people. That rubs them wrong for similar reasons, cause you know, "those people" aren't christians, they smoke, drink and do drugs." Urgh!
This is the pin I wear proudly as well, it was created by a residential school survivour and money goes towards the Orange Shirt organization here in Canada. I often say "don't F with any of my kids"


I wear them both all the time because I want those who are feeling vulnerable being authentic to know that at least one person sees and values them, just as they are!



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