Nearby stores, roommates, and DISCOUNTS 2013?!

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    May 1, 2011

    Okay... So if you have stayed at one of the housing complexes in Orlando for the program can you just fill me in on nearby stores? :confused3

    Is there a grocery store, outlet, mall, convenient store, pharmacy???

    ROOMMATES. Is there a way to get set up with a roommate most compatible with your personality?? Did you like your roommate?? If not what should I do? Anddd... How many per room? Can you do 2 people in a room? What is the max amount and minimum amount of people you can have per room?

    Discounts. Does family get in the parks for free?

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    Apr 5, 2009
    1) There are plenty of stores nearby. There are buses that takes cps to Walmart, Publix, the outlet stores, and once a week, the mall. There is a Walgreens, a Wendy's, and a few restaurants right next to Vista Way. You can walk to Publix and another Walgreens from Chatham and Patterson, and the outlets are right across the street from the Commons (Vista, Patterson, Chatham, and the Commons are the apartments where the CPs and ICPs live). The Downtown Disney bus takes you to an area that has a lot of restaurants, including Fridays, Sweet Tomatoes, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

    2) You can find a roommate via facebook or on the roommate matchup Disney has for CPs. Or you can just go with random choice, which is when you don't know your roommates until you arrive (most of the time it will be the people you stand next to in line during check-in day). I went with random choice in both of my programs and decided to do it that way for this program as well. The roommates I ended up with turned out fine and there was no problems. It's all based on personal choice and how comfortable you feel with random choice or not. Some find a roommate beforehand just so they can plan together what to bring down for the program. For number of roommates, its two per room, so you will be sharing a room with another person. You can have anywhere from 1-7 roommates based on how many bedrooms there are. You can select from being in a 1 bedroom apartment up to a 4 bedroom apartment.

    So, the apartments are set up this way:

    1 bedroom= 1 roommate
    2 bedrooms= 3 roommates
    3 bedrooms= 5 roommates
    4 bedrooms= 7 roommates

    3) You can get up to 3 family members or friends into the parks for free six times (six days) So, basically they will give you a blue main gate pass that you can only use six times to get guest in for free and you are only allowed in three people at a time. It won't carry over either, meaning that if you only bring two people and get them in for free, that is one time gone and you will have five times remaining even if you didn't bring in three people. For other discounts, you get 40% off the resort if you are not staying with them and 50-60% off you are staying with them. You also get 10% off any additional park tickets and 20% off merchandise (40-50% off during the holidays). Food discounts varies by location, so be sure to always ask everywhere you eat at Disney if you get a discount or not.

    Hope this helps and if you have any more questions, don't be shy and just ask away!

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