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Earning My Ears
Jan 21, 2002
Can anyone help me? I have a navigators room booked on the 5/11/2002 cruise and want to know what the room is like?
Also is there anything a person has to do to get an upgrade?
One more question; My return flight is for 11:55 , does anyone know if I can make that flight on time? I have main seating.
Thnaks to all
I can answer a couple of your questions...we have photos of the Magic Navigators Verandahs on my website at and we'll be posted photos of the Wonder's shortly (opening on the Wonder is bigger).
As for the flight, it might be tight, depending on how you check in. Our flight was 12:20, and we had late seating breakfast, which starts at 8:30. We took Happy Limo rather than the Disney buses and took our luggage with us rather than leave it out for Disney to bring into the terminal, so we were able to leave with no delays as soon as we finished eating. At MCO, we had a rude surprise...a check-in line at the American counter that looked to be about an hour long. The curbside line was a little more manageable, but it still looked like Splash Mountain in the summer. Fortunately, there was NO line at the E-ticket kiosks, so we went that route. There was another long wait at Security (about 30 mins.), but we did manage to get to the gate a little early. They started the boarding process early, as they were doing hand searches of carry-ons. We were okay, but you'd be in danger of missing your flight if the ship was late getting into port (happens sometimes due to medical emergencies) or if your luggage was lost in the port (happened to us once...taken by someone else).
Good luck, and don't worry about it...I know it sounds scary, but problems like that are really quite rare. We've been on 18 Disney cruises and love it so much that we're returning in 3 weeks.
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Forgive me, I am a newbie. Did I understand your post to say you had breakfast on debarkation morning? I thought we had to be off the ship by 8:30.
I made a little boo boo...late seating breakfast started at 8, not 8:30, but you don't have to be off till 9 a.m. Disney is just walk off whenever you want to. If you prefer to leave earlier, just skip breakfast or grab a bite at the buffet. We're rarely run into a long Customs line. Overall, they have the smoothest debarkation process--200 percent better than Royal Caribbean's.
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Thanks for the info. We are using Happy Limo (thanks to the info I found on you page), but don't fly out 'till 7:00 PM so the later the better. We were thinking about the cost to take the Limo down to Ron Jon's but my DW doesn't think it's worth it. We'll see....:smooth:
Originally posted by figment2002

Also is there anything a person has to do to get an upgrade?

Ask nicely, be polite, smile . . . then hand over your Credit Card.

Seriously, from what I have read, free upgrades are very rare, and even more rare if you ask for them. If there is space available they will always let you pay for the upgrade. I don't know how the cost compares to booking the higher category to begin with though.


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