Navigator Veranda room 3 and an infant?


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Dec 4, 2000
I know this room says it sleeps 3 but at the Disney resorts it seems infants don't count. Can it sleep 3 and an infant or just 3, period? How is this room? Nice or should we go for a higher category? We already stayed in an inside room and gotta get a veranda this time. TIA!
Although infants don't really "count" at hotels and Disney resorts, they <i>do</i> "count" onboard the ship. So you won't be able to use a Category 7.
We were just checking on this same thing (although we didn't actually book) and you can have 3 adults and an infant in the room (if the infant is in a crib) - the third adult sleeps on the couch and the crib is set up by the couch.

Sounds pretty crowded, but they were going to let us book it.
We were just there in January -- My DH, DSs (6) and (8 mos)

The bed for the adults is nice and large and could even fit an infant if you were so inclined.

The couch turns into a nice twin size (or a bit narrower) bed. The playpen we put next to it - between the 'couch' and the desk. They provided the playpen, we brought a sheet for it. It was crowded, but wasn't too bad. Would have been crowded even without the playpen. If you can afford a category 3, I heard that's much better. My friend stayed in one last fall.

The biggest obstacle in our room was the stroller. Trying to get around it and folding it up some place at night.

Our friend who got the category 3 upgraded during check-in so they had to pay only $800 for the upgrade. We checked on the upgrade when we sailed but they were sold out.

Hope this helps.

Stroller tips:

1--Leave it outside your stateroom door, if space provides...
2--Fold it up and put it in the bathroom (without the toilet).


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