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    Aug 22, 2007
    I belong to the club and it states reserve a midsize and go to the aisle and choose your vehicle.
    Would I be able to find a van in that aisle or is it all cars?

    We won't be landing until 12am on a Saturday in Orlando, I'm guessing my choices will be limited?

    Thanks for all your help :goodvibes
  2. ChildAtHeart82

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    Apr 9, 2010
    It will vary depending on the day but you should have some options since they are continually putting new cars in the aisle as it empties. You are guaranteed that there will be mid-size sedans in the aisle. There will likely be some Impalas with a decent chance at a few SUV's or minivans.

    When were there on 4 Mar, there were a lot of sedans, about 4 Town & Country minivans and two or three suburbans. If you absolutely need a van, I'd book a van. If you can get by in a sedan and a van would be better, I'd try the Aisle.

    There's a thread that discusses what currently on the Emerald Aisle here.
  3. gmeh1

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    May 18, 2007
    You select from the Emerald Aisle only. There are two on each side of the airport. Each side has Emerald Aisle and Emerald Executive Aisle. I am guessing, since you asked these questions, that you are eligable for the emerald aisle only.
    The chances for a van vary with the day of the week and if we are in a busy time or not.
    If you need a van, it is wise to book one and not take a chance that there will be one on the aisle.

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