National Airlines $1 fares 9/11/02

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    Aug 21, 1999
    National Airlines Announces $1 Fares for September 11 Travel

    Last week, we interrupted your day to let you know about Spirit Airline's giving away of all seats on September 11. Now, National Airlines is following suit; the seats aren't free, but they're only a single buck, and all the money collected will be donated to a suitable charity. Vegas-based National is also offering first-class seats for their usual low upgrade fees--plus the extra dollar--meaning you can fly first-class from New York City to Vegas for only $201. You can take advantage of this deal if you can depart out of NYC, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Miami, West Palm Beach, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Reno or Las Vegas. When Spirit made their announcement, all 13,000 seats were taken in under 24 hours; we expect the same feeding frenzy here.

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