nassau excursions w/ 5 yr old

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  1. minnie4me

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    Mar 17, 2007
    we will be cruising over Halloween 2007 and our DS will turn 5 while on board ship. wondering what type of excursion would be recommended that he would enjoy. also for anyone who has cruised w/ children this age, what oceaneers club level would you recommend, 3-4 yr or 5-7 yr.
  2. deaner

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    Mar 4, 2007
    We have been taking our 5yo DD for 3 years now to the nassua. She loved the Atlantis beach day, she enjoyed the aquariums and the time on the beach.

    She didn't care for the dolphin excursion (because they splashed and she freaked out at the noise they make) and the Pirate museum, because it was too scary...

    I also felt very safe at the Atlantis beach day. When you first get off the ship it is a bit intimidating. I liked having the guide take us directly to where we needed to go. We were fine with walking to and from the ride to that excursion.

    Good luck! Deaner
  3. nikkistevej

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    May 30, 2004
    I am having the same issue, I have a DD who will be turning 5 the week before our cruise. I am going to put her in the 3-4 yo, as she is rather small. She is in a full time daycare, and although she is very independent and pretty mature, I can't imagine having her in the same club as 7 yo, who also maybe almost 8. I think you can also put them in a younger group and move them up one if it isn't working, but I don't think you can move down (might want to check that, though, not sure). Also, look at the navigators, they list the activities for each age, and see which ones you think your DS would like better.
  4. S'sMom

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    Mar 18, 2005
    This year will be my soon-to-be's 5 year old dd 4th cruise, and there is plenty to do with them in Nassau.

    * The frist year we did the tour in the van - this worked because it was air-conditioned, and she was able to see the things that exist in the Bahams.

    * The 2nd year we did the Glass Bottom Boat tour - in my opinion it was not very interesting (but that is just me), but she did enjoy it seeing all the different fish. The boat ride was longer than the viewing of the sea life.

    * The 3rd year we did just a walking tour and did some shopping. ON the cruise you can go to a seminar that talks about a book that contains coupons and certificates to get free items inthe Bahamas. It was fun and she loved this as well.

    * THis year we are doing the Dolphin Encounter. Which after going to Sea WOrld she is ready for that challemge.

    I would recommend the Atlantis because of the aquarium, and maybe a beach excursion, although you will go to a beach when at Castaway Cay for free.

    I would also recommend having him to attend the club for the 5 year olds. The young group is fine to but I would think that he would have more in common with kids his own age. Disney does a good job making sure that that the activites are completely age appriate.Not that the younger group is not fun, because it is.

    We have tried the kids club but my dd would not stay, but this time she is because she is now used to being away from us. (which is good for us ;-)
    Hope this helps, have a WONDERFUL time.

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