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    Oct 15, 2007
    In July 2006 we did the dolphin swim< yes it's worth the money; once in a lifetime to do in our opinion> for this tour you book direct with Blue Lagoon
    and you must get yourselves to and from the Ferry Terminal where you get
    your tickets and then catch the ferry to Blue Lagoon. We got tickets for the water taxi to take us to the Ferry Terminal; While waiting there the Blue Lagoon ferry pulled up. We ran down and the Captain said yes this boat would eventually take us to the dolphins after stopping at the Ferry Terminal and told us to take a seat. About 5 minutes later a tour group <about 100 people from our Disney Wonder> got on board. The tour leader radioed ahead and the captain flashed us a thumbs up. We pulled into the Ferry Term. and a lady brought our tickets out to us. I asked the captain < after tipping him for his help> if on the return trip if his ferry was going back to the dock by the Disney Wonder and he said yes, just stay on board and don't get off at the Ferry Terminal.
    My secret tip -if you're coming back from Blue Lagoon that you booked yourself asks the captain if he's going back to the docks by the cruise ships and if you can just stay on board instead of getting off at the Ferry Terminal.
    Where you would normally get off to tranfer to a water/land taxi to get back
    to the docks by the cruise ships.
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    Nov 19, 2003
    Thanks for the great tip. We are doing the Dolphin Swim in January. I can hardly wait.:cool1:

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