Narcoossee's, Coral Reef and great buffets

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    Parts Reprinted from Trip Reprt Post (Commando, did you just call me Commando?)

    Thu Aug. 30th: Narcoossee's at the Grand Floridian

    Chevy truly made us feel as though nothing was too much trouble, often ready for a yes before we could get the request out. I chose a specialty drink, a Mango smoothie oh my goodness, cool and flavorful. Mom saved her beverage choice to the end of the meal, pressed pot of chamomile tea. Chevy explained that everything on the menu was available as part of the Dining Plan, nothing off limits. He also added that we could have 3 courses, so we could have had an appetizer, salad/soup and entrée as opposed to appetizer, entrée dessert. We stuck with the latter. For appetizers we had the Crab Cakes, all crab no cake/fillers and the Narcoossee’s Chowder, oh it was so good! Our Entrees were the Chef featured Grouper and Surf and Turf, substituted Grilled Sea Scallops for the Turf. All items were excellent, melt in your mouth excellent. Grandma had the YOAMD Almond crusted cheesecake. She was in awe with the presentation, it made her jaw drop, then she tasted it let me have a bit and devoured the rest. I didn’t finish my entrée or dessert and she had some grouper left.

    Zeke had the Mickey pasta with marinara and parmesan in the “ear” containers. Not only did he like it, it was fun to eat. We paid OOP for him, a total of $10, heavy on the tip. Zeke passed on dessert, but I ordered a banana split (kids menu). It was yummy (he told me it was incorrect to say yum yum!).

    Fri Aug 3st: Coral Reef: 2pm ADR

    We were starving when we arrived. I checked us in, mind you we may have been 30-60 minutes early (wore no watches and tried to bury the cell phones). Headed to the restroom and pager went off before we could finish washing our hands. We were seated on the middle tier toward the far end of the dining room, nice spot, able to see all tanks.

    Immediately we received a basket of sourdough bread which we dug into and loved. Grandma ordered the virgin strawberry daiquiri while Zeke and I opted for soft drinks. Zeke ate a full kid’s meal: apple slices (ate them all), cheese pizza (there’s a pattern here) and make your own sundae, had more fun making it than eating it! Auntie had the same dessert and the bbq salmon sandwich, open face on multigrain bread. Salmon was great and I don’t really like bbq sauce! Had the crab claw appetizer which isn’t something I’d order again. Grandma had the Tilapia and crab cakes. Fish was really good, but after Narcoossee’s they’d have to do something special to wow us. Once again Grandma ordered cheesecake and ate it all.

    This was the hardest ADR to get, glad we did. I would like to try it for dinner next trip.

    Sat Sep 1st: Chef Mickey's Breakfast

    Good food and character interaction. I loved, loved, loved the three cheese egg dish and Mom really liked the Goofy's veggie casserole. Who doesn't like Micey waffles? Zeke just loved Chef Mickey's period, it was his favorite restaurant and 2nd favorite thing at Disney (character greetings being #1). We would do this again. We paid OOP for the adults (made up for Narcoossee's 2TS) and used the plan for Zeke.

    Maybe we'll try it for dinner next trip.

    Sun Sep 2nd: Dinner at Boma, Flavors of Africa
    Zeke stuck with the mac & cheese and fries, though he did try one of the breads and liked it. Grandma and I were much more adventurous and loved it. We had potatoes (too spicy for a kid), salmon, seafood soup, green beans, sweet potato and yams and more. I wasn’t too impressed with desserts there, but that was fine as the food was good and I was filled anyway. A few tables over the group were celebrating and the chef sent out a towering dessert which included fried Oreos. They shared an Oreo with us. We tasted it but were too full to finish it. What we had we enjoyed, but we were just stuffed.

    Mom loved this place so I know we'll be back on our 2008 trip.

    Mon Sep. 3rd Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic package

    There was a pretty good cue at Hollywood and Vine and we waited our turn. We all ate well there, though the food was the most average of all our TS meals. Brenda was our server and was very accommodating. We made orange floats for dessert (orange soda and soft serve vanilla), yummy. Would not make an effort to eat ther again. Really enjoyed the Salmon, but not worth the trek to MGM and we can get better food elsewhere.

    Our CS choices:

    Epcot: Seasons, salmon and kids Mac & Cheese meals
    Magic Kingdom: Main St Bakery, Basil Mozzerella sandwich & PB&J
    Magic Kingdom: Peco Bill's, veggie burger and fries, wouldn't choose it again
    however this was during Pirate Party and Columbia Harbor House was closed
    CBR Food Court: Adult Breakfast platters, Pizza, PB&J, side salad was really good, nice selection of items, best CS we had; we plan to stay at Wilderness Lodge next time, but I'd take a trip to CBR food court if Roaring Forks is eh, its that good (especially that carrot cake!)

    ***We've actually switch our ressie to AKL, now we're close to Boma and I expect The Mara will suit our needs much better than Roaring Forks will. *** Still think CBR CS will have a wider selection.

    Best Snacks:
    Mickey Bars
    Itzakadoozzie - twisted rainbow popsicle
    Popcorn at Fantasmic disappeared quickly!
    Zeke had a flavored sugar tube. I know he enjoyed the candy, but somehow I think filling the tube may have been even more fun.
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    Excellent, thanks for posting.
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    Thanks for the reviews. Good to hear you were pleased with the Coral Reef :thumbsup2 .
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    Thank you for posting about Narcoossee's--we will be there in 4 weeks!:cheer2: I was especially glad to see that they let you substitute scallops on the surf and turf, b/c I was feeling really torn about which to get. I just love scallops, but also wanted to try lobster. I had recently heard how accommodating Narcoossee's is about subbing things, so I was thinking of asking this. I can't believe they said you could have "3" courses! That would be sooooo much food--wow! Anyway thanks for the reviews!
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    In hindsight if I was trying to "max out" the plan at Narcoossee's I should have done this. I knew I wasn't going to order an adult dessert and could have predicted sharing with my nephew. So I could have had my own bowl of chowder or even a crisp salad. But your point of it being so much food was right on. I didn't even finish my entree nor the dessert!

    I maxed out my stomach and my experience so that's good enough for me!

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