Myw Dining For Juniors/seniors!!!!!


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Jun 26, 2004
Am I the only one who thinks that MYW dining plan is a bit screwy?

EXCEPT FOR THOSE GOING ON THE FREE PLAN (which is wonderful)...How can you consider a 10 year old a adult and charge $35.00 a day for this option? Yet the WDW restaurants offer Child menus up to 12 years of age.

I think there should be a Child, a JUNIOR/SENIOR, and a Adult pricing plan.

What do you think?


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May 1, 2001
I agree. I have a 10-year-old DD, and until the free dining package came out, there was no way I would pay for the package! She eats like a bird! I don't know of many 10-year-olds who eat like adults.


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Nov 16, 2003
When we were going to have to pay for it our plan was to pay cash for any child's meals and use the credits for signature meals. Now that it is free I think we will only do that one time (and we will pay cash for DH's vegitarian meal at Coral Reef, $16).


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Nov 25, 2000
We think the same way. However, I will be using the dining plan for my 10 year old. It still saves $$, just not as much, as our APril trip, where we saved over $500.

My mom (58), will be going w/ us in December. SHe was very disapointed that there was not a senior menu and prices. She just doesn't eat that much.


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