MyTravel - good/bad choice


Apr 9, 2007
It's probably a bit late to be asking this as we've now booked the flights :lmao: , but I hope this will put the families minds at rest.

We're going to WDW 6-13 September to AKL for free dining. We had originally planned to fly Glasgow-Orlando with Globespan but they removed their flight on the 6th September so we had to look around.

After some research Virgin looked too expensive, but MyTravel brought up a very attractive price of just under £1100 for 2 adults and 1 child for return flights.

My question is are MyTravel good to fly with or is it going to be a case of we get what we pay for and then some? :rotfl:
We had our best flight so far with MyTravel last Sept/Oct.:thumbsup2

The plane was great, toilets downstairs, seat back tvs etc. Nice, friendly cabin crew. No delay on way out, small delay on way back (about 40 mins if i remember correctly so nothing to speak of). Food was actually nice!!

I wouldnt hesitate to fly with them again. Only reason we are flying Virgin this year is because they worked out the cheapest.:goodvibes


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