My Suprise Birthday Trip! Day Two

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    Dec 6, 1999
    Day Two: Sat 11-11 My Birthday!

    Around 2am DS woke up and thought it was playtime since he was sleeping with mommy; I finally got him to go to sleep by going to sleep myself (I guess he got bored!). My Dad’s alarm went off around 6:30, he was up and rattling around the camper (that’s our cue to wake up!). One by one we all woke up except for the guys who were dead to the world, so being the nice person I am I let DS into the tent to see Daddy ;). I didn’t think he would wake them up! :D We were all dressed and ready to go by 8am, so we loaded up the two cars and headed out to Epcot.

    Mom & Dad are annual pass holders so they didn’t need tickets either, but Jess and Kyle did so we waited in the line to enter the park while the bought tickets we were still in line when they were done! We brought warm clothes and rain gear with us so we needed a locker for everything. I insisted that we bring DS’s stroller that way we know he’ll be comfortable, but it’s one of those big ones which is fine in the park but very hard to get on board the trams as we found out the next day. Once we stowed all of the warm stuff in the locker we headed to Test Track for Fast Pass, it was only 9:30 and the time for Fast Pass was 12:55 to 1:55. We killed time in Future World. Since we hadn’t had breakfast yet we headed for the Land. Mom and Dad got some coffee and a table while the rest of us took DS to see Food Rocks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my son’s attention captured so well before! He just sat there and danced to the music. When that was over we joined Mom and Dad at the table where DS started to get antsy so we left and walked toward JIYI since Jess hasn’t ridden the new version yet, she was a big Figment fan when she was little so she was very disappointed in the new ride, Kyle liked it but then he had never been on the original. We still had more time to kill so we started toward the World Showcase. There was a Christmas Tent on the way so we made a little detour. The trains entranced DS and Dad, it was cute! Once we were done in there we headed toward Canada. It was the International Food and Wine Festival when we were there so we had lots of places to stop and nibble on wonderful food. It was getting close to our Fast Pass time so we headed to Test Track. DS was asleep when we got there so I said I would sit out while they all rode TT. A good thing about baby swap is that you can have two other people ride with you when it’s your turn. They didn’t wait too long and were done before I thought they would be, Mom, Dad and Jess waited with DS (who was awake now) while DH, Kyle and I rode. I have to say that I wasn’t impressed (this was my first time riding TT) I thought it was going to be different then it was oh well maybe Mission Space will be good. We spent the rest of the day nibbling on yummy food and just walking around looking at the countries.

    It’s been a running joke in my family that we have to eat at a Sports Bar for my birthday, mainly because I never say no. How can I say no though when someone else wants to buy me dinner? I really wanted to eat at Le Cellier but we ended up at the ESPN Club! Boy was I happy :( Not!! After dinner we headed back to Epcot for the parade and Illuminations. Dad was tired so he and Mom decided they would take a Sleeping Brandon back to the Camper and the rest of us would stay. Dh found us the perfect spot to see the Parade. Between China and Germany is the area with an Outpost and some tables. We sat at the tables and had a great view of the parade with no one in front of us; this was also a great spot to see Illuminations. After Illuminations we headed for the campground and our beds. Tomorrow Magic Kingdom.

    Jeni C.
    Happy Holidays!
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    Now how sneaky is that...sending the little guy in to see his daddy...... Thats my kind of thinking. :D

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun filled day for everyone. Thanks for posting!
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    Mar 8, 2000
    Sending DS into Dad's tent ... heehee. Good one! :D

    Glad to hear you had a good day -- maybe next time, they'll spring for LeCellier! ;)


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