My student's father injured.........may lose his leg.....

Discussion in 'United We Stand' started by paigevz, Sep 24, 2005.

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    Oct 5, 2004
    This is a student I had in Pre-K, and his dad was first mobilized to Iraq that year,and has had several leaves home since then, the last this last Christmas. The child is now in the second grade, so I'm sure some of you know how hard that's been on the mother..........she also has a child two years younger, and one a year and a half younger than that one.

    Anyway, the father in law came to school yesterday and let us know that he'd been injured fairly badly. The children haven't been told yet. He is being evaluated and stabilized, and sent to Germany, but they made need to amputate his leg. If that happens, the school-age children will fly to Germany with the father in law as soon as they hear, and the mother will follow with the youngest.

    I don't know how exactly to be supportive. I do know that she's wrestling with different emotions..........glad he's alive, worried how he'll take it, and so on.

    Our school could do something for them. What do you think would be best? Money? Food when they get home? They don't live on a base, so I assume they pay rent and bills.........would that be subsidized for them? I guess I just wonder what all they might need if anything.

    I'm also unsure how much we should respect their space, and stay out of it, and how much we should show our support. Just a card rather than a visit?

    Anything you can tell me would help. The mother knew he was injured a few days ago, but didn't tell her father until it became apparent they may need to travel. So, I kind of feel like she may not like a lot of attention.
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    If they do amputate in Landstuhl, once he is stable he will be sent to Walter Reed in DC. That is where they work with the amputees. I see you are in Texas, after that a good chance of him being sent Brooke Army Med Center in San Antonio. I work in our military hospital and occasionally help out with the medivacs and that seems to be the pattern.

    :grouphug: to the family!
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    Hi Paige! I'm a Paige too...and I used to live in Texas!

    We are a military family. Although we always think we're prepared for a spouse getting injured or killed, when it really happens, it can be overwhelming.

    A medical retirement for him can be very difficult, financially. Even if he becomes 100% disabled, he will probably be making less money than he was while in the military. If he loses his leg, they will probably need adaptations made to their home...if they stay in the community.

    Cash donations can really help...even if they are small. They'll have eating out expenses while he's in the hospital. There will also be a lot of incidental expenses they haven't counted on.

    I'll add him to my prayer list!
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    Feb 28, 2005
    Oh my. If he is Regular Army he should be getting a housing allowance that will help with rent. Don't know if they guys in Iraq are still getting separate rations allowances or not.

    I would think that money is going to be the biggest most immediate issue. I don't know if the military is going to pick up the tab for the flight or for housing while he is in hospital overseas or at Walter Reed. Not to mention....doing laundry....eating....daily stuff like that.

    The good news is....they are doing some great things with prosthetics these days and hopefully their house won't need too many renovations.

    I would think that in a smaller community the family will let you know when visits are appreciated. Although I am sure get well cards addressed to the whole family would never be out of time or place.

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