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  1. AWanderingGuy

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    Oct 8, 2018
    Any road trip lovers out here? I know I'm one :D

    I've got two weeks off in December and I'll be headed to Disney Dec 1, taking a road trip from NYC! I'm super excited about it. I have the driving part pretty much planned out:

    Leave at about 5am (preferably a little earlier, but whatever! Since I'm up at 3am normally this shoudln't be an issue.
    Stop at a holiday inn express in Florence, SC around 3 or 4pm. Not 100% sure this will be the place I'll stop, but it's a pretty decent location with a lot of dinner choices. I hate those places with one motel and nothing but a McDonalds.
    Leave around 8am the next day to arrive at my hotel, Hilton Grand Vacation @ Seaworld. I scored an awesome discount thanks to a buddy that works at Hilton corporate. Straight 50% off the room rate. Heck yeah!

    After the trip I plan on heading north towards my uncles place in SC, spend a few days there, then head home from there (or head towards ohio and hit up the Footballhall of fame, leaving that part open depending on how I feel).

    Now here's where I would love some suggestions:

    What should I do while I'm at Disney? I have 5 days of park hopper passes (paid for 4 days, got a 5th one free) and Dec 4th is my ticket to MVMC.

    I have a fear of roller coasters and log flumes. One of my goals is to simply ride them and see if I can get past that. I usually scream a lot when we go down lol. Any suggestions on what I should ride first?

    Does anyone have suggestions for what I could prepare to eat? While I've budgeted to eat out at Disney once or twice (not at a dining reservation location, but maybe something in Disney Springs), I really don't feel like paying amusement park prices on food the entire time I'm there. Any pro tips for quick easy meals I can bring with me while at disney?

    Also, does anyone else love taking road trips too? I ripped out my car stereo and replaced it with an android head unit just for this trip lol.
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  2. StageTek

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    Apr 20, 2007
    That quite a question! Is this your first trip to The World?

    What a great attitude; ride the rides you fear and see for yourself. Try Big Thunder first. Then Test Track which is not technically a roller coaster because it never coasts. Thrilling, very fast but not a lot of up-and-down and drops. If you can take those Space Mountain might be okay. Everest and Rock N Roll are pretty intense for those who fear roller coasters.

    I don't have any pro tips on quick, easy meals to bring into the parks. Never done it. Maybe a backpack with sandwiches and chips?

    I love road trips!
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  4. kwdw

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Frankly - I hate carrying food for a day at Disney - BUT - there are things you can carry.

    Sandwiches are obvious - but things like tuna and cracker kits, canned pasta meals (if you like them room temp), power bars, whole fruit or fresh veggies, cheese and cracker. If you freeze water bottles in your room - then you can take things along that need to be kept cool during the day. Honestly - just walk through some of those prepared food aisles in the grocery store at home and think creatively. Trail mix, goldfish, fruit snacks, etc. The nice part about solo - nobody close to you is going to judge your food selection for the week!

    My trick as a solo is typically ONE meal out for the day - but I do carry water bottles. I typically eat breakfast in the room, eat a meal sometime between 11-5 pm out for the day - and then have things in the room if I need a dinner in the room, too. I don't think Disney Springs is any cheaper than the parks.

    For coaster fear - I'd say start with Test Track (not a coaster) or 7DMT or SDD. If you survive those - then BTMRR.

    Good luck!
  5. StageTek

    StageTek It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

    Apr 20, 2007
    Seven Dwarfs and Slinky Dog! Duh!!! Why didn't I think of those? Two great coasters for someone who has a fear of coasters but is willing to try.
  6. jsmla

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    Mar 19, 2001
    When I know I'm going to drive I plan ahead and freeze single servings of meals to have in the condo. I don't cook anything specifically, just freeze a portion of gumbo or bolognese or whatever we have for dinner in the weeks leading up to my trip.

    I do brownbag in the parks on some trips. Wraps, "charcuterie" and hummus/veggies all work well. I also like to carry snacks like nuts and apples. Dining in the Disnry eateries can be fun but is also hard on my wallet and waistline.
  7. MikeNamez

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    Jun 21, 2017
    Don't worry about coasters at Disney they are very tame minus Rockin' at DHS or maybe Everest at AK(Still not that bad). I have a fear or coasters too but there's nothing at Disney I won't ride.

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