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Jun 28, 2018
Probably more detail than anyone wants except for myself but I making this for my records and it is much easier to cut and paste so I apologize it is so long. I add star reviews for my food that I based on overall taste and if I thought it was worth the money.

This trip was amazing. More than hoped for. I loved 98% of every moment. 1% sucked cause my body hated me, and the other 1% cause of people who just didn’t feel the magic. I won’t go into the negatives as I hope to just forget them as they mostly didn’t directly involve me but they did make me feel bad as I saw others not having such an amazing time.

I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express-Resort Area (not the one really close to the parks) I was beyond happy with my accommodations and the staff. I turned down the upgraded suite and fireworks view rooms because I knew I wouldn’t get any use out of them. I used the ART busses to and from and they worked perfectly and were usually only half full.

On a side note: One of the most interesting things was my ability to truly do some people watching since I had no one with me to divide my time. It was a very interesting glimpse into humanity. There are many things I saw and heard that I am still processing. Not in a bad way, just because I find it interesting.

Below is a play by play.


    • Got to the parks at about 1pm. No Max Pass
    • Grabbed a pork belly skewer from Bengal BBQ (4*) and did a round trip on the Train, it’s tradition.
    • Indy
    • Pirates
    • Thunder
    • Haunted and found all 4 ravens (got stuck under one staring at me)
    • Indy
    • Jungle
    • Cafe Orleans, Monte Cristo (5*) Pommes Frites (2*)
    • Small world
    • Snow White
    • Mr Toads
    • Raspberry Macron. Omg (5*)
    • Started sitting for the parade at 730.
    • Electrical Street Parade
    • Haunted Mansion Display in the Opera House

Saturday -Max Pass

    • I think I wasted early entry in DCA. They gave me a ticket when I was outside the gate drinking my coffee, but I thought it was only to get up to the ropes, I saw someone use the same ticket 5 minutes before opening. All good though. Did some people watching while eating my breakfast.
    • Cars
    • Toy story
    • Soarin, I got a middle front seat!
    • Monsters
    • Red’s Hot Cone (3.5*) and the seasonal raspberry churro(4*)
    • Blue Sky Cellar
    • Zephyr
    • Toy story
    • Guardians of the Galaxy Dance Off. They were working on Marvel land directly next to the stage for this little show. It was kinda fun watching upper CM’s trying to get them to stop for the show as they were doing some loud work.
    • Found Chris of Provost Park Pass, he was having lunch so I only quickly said hi.
    • Got a beer at Smoke Jumpers it was the Strawberry Peak Lookout (5*). Even though it wasn’t 12 yet. My bad. Man was it good.
    • Watched people get soaked on Grizzly while enjoying the beer
    • Then I went on Grizzly and got soaked
    • Green Army Man Skit
    • It’s Lemon-Snow Capped (5*)
    • Headed to Disneyland
    • Took pictures of the Matterhorn damage but they were not taking single rides, and it was at a 90 min wait. No, Thank You.
    • Pirates
    • Haunted Mansion
    • Headed to Batuu. Detailed and well done, not really my thing.
    • Ronto Wrap (4.5*) but honestly not sure it was worth that much.
    • Sadness, no single rider for Smugglers, Indy, or Matterhorn,
    • Star tours
    • Buzz
    • Beauty and the Beast at the Royal Theater. I love this place. It was so funny and well done.
    • Thunder
    • Indy
    • Smoke Jumpers Special Mac n Cheese (3.5*) Flavor was great, my pork belly was completely dry and overcooked. Frozen Jack and Coke (5*) Either they put a lot of Jack in or they use a Jack extract. This drink is strong and refreshing.
    • PhilharMagic - Freaking Adorable
    • Beast’s Library. Mrs. Incredible as always
    • Watched the big screens while waiting for Animation Academy.
    • Drew Simba. This experience was a bit ruined for me. A couple brought in a very young rambunctious child (2 or less) and was letting him play on the stairs on the row down from me. These are steep stairs, after the kiddo almost fell the second time the dad took him out. I couldn’t focus until then.
    • Cars at night
    • Got another beer to wait in line for WOC.
    • World of Color Dessert Package. This was AMAZING. My best solo treatment of the whole trip. I ended up getting a table by myself and some pretty great service from a could of the servers. The sweets were so good.
    • Over 35k Steps today!

Saturday - Max Pass

    • Lines seemed so long 30 min to opening but once inside most everyone went to SWGE leaving the rest of the park quite empty.
    • Alice
    • Storybook
    • Matterhorn
    • Autopia
    • Buzz 2 times
    • Matterhorn
    • Clapped with Peter Tu Hi
    • Teacups
    • Breakfast Burrito from Galactic Grill (5*) This was an excellent deal for such a filling delicious breakfast.
    • Thunder
    • Haunted Mansion
    • Pirates Lair
    • Canoes
    • Pooh
    • Indy
    • Smugglers. Went with a family and a little kid was the pilot and just sat there :/ I did not really enjoy this ride enough to try it again. Also had a gentleman hit on my while in line making me quite uncomfortable. Only because it’s not a common occurance and I didn’t want to be rude. When he asked if he could get to know me better (after explaining why he was single) I told him I am not local and that was enough to end the conversation. I am an overweight middle aged mom and I really didn’t care what I looked while I was there as long as I was comfortable, being hit on was the last thing I expected while visiting Disneyland. It turned out ok and now I can chuckle about a bit.
    • Grey Stuff, cause, you know, It’s delicious
    • Oga’s. Boy o boy, there were mad people who couldn’t get in because they didn't have a reservation. Fuzzy Tonton (4.5*) Outer Rim (5*)
    • Great Moments with Abraham Lincoln. Haven’t seen this in 30 years. Not what I remember but I like it.
    • Grizzly
    • Goofys
    • Paradise Garden Grill Gyro Frie(5*) and a Blue Moon
    • Lion King Show but I left because it was too hot and no shade
    • Grizzly… Our whole raft got soaked head to toe. The geyser started right before we hit it and didn’t stop until after we passed it. I had to ring out my hair and part of my clothes. Happily, I was prepared in my flip flops and had my phone and wallet in a ziplock. The others in the boat all had plastic bags for their gear so it was quite a ball.
    • More Beer
    • Bakery Tour
    • Had to chill in the sun to try to dry off. Had someone come up to me and ask if my drink was a beer. When I said yes he was shocked they sold beer and asked where I got it. Pretty funny.
    • Soarin’
    • Sorcery Mickey milkshake (1.5*)
    • Matterhorn, the front seat is awesome.
    • Haunted Mansion (cause Thunder was down and I had a fast pass)
    • Realized my body was done for the day so I got my food from Hungry Bear for my Fantasmic dining package. What a waste of belly space. Got the Ribs and they were a negative star. The mashed potatoes were standard the corn was old and hard as a rock.. I am not sure what was wrong with ribs but they just were yucky. The biscuit was inedible as it just crumbled it was so dry. I wish I picked Blue Bayou or River Belle.
    • Got hooked up with some butt pads from someone leaving the first show.
    • Wow. Fantasmic was awesome!!
    • Over 30k steps today!

Sunday - Max Pass

    • Magic morning. I really didn’t make good use of it since I had already done so much the last few days.
    • Matterhorn
    • Buzz
    • Carnation Cafe. Mickey Shaped Waffle (2.5*) Standard waffle. I was one of the first people seated and I am pretty sure I got a premade one. It wasn’t all that warm and the butter was cold so it didn’t melt. Not worth the money to me.
    • Pirates
    • Indy. Finally got the last option (the Future) I think it’s my favorite.
    • Columbia
    • Thunder
    • Railroad from New Orleans to Main Street. It was the last stop before the Ward Kimball broke down for the day.
    • Drew Pluto at the Animation Academy. The artist for this one was hilarious.
    • Award Weiners. Mushroom Philly. I knew this one was a vegan option but I didn’t realize it had a dog in it, I thought it was just full of mushrooms. I wanted to like it more but it just wasn't seasoned enough. I had to add mayo and salt. It was still ok just not want I thought it was going to be (3.5*)
    • Headed back to Disneyland and walked all around the park for a popcorn bucket that didn’t include refills. My legs at this point thought I was possessed by the devil. This was the only souvenir I planned to bring home as we have a popcorn machine at work that I use often.
    • Bug took me down main street on the horse drawn carriage.
    • Grabbed a couple treats for the trip home
    • Said my goodbyes and headed for the airport.


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