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    We did the Wishes Dessert Buffet this past Friday, May 7th. To sum it up - we enjoyed it however we won't do it again.

    We got in line at approximately 7:30PM (Wishes that night was at 9:00PM). There was a lady walking up the line asking our names and handing out group "cards". Our card said "C" - and she said we were seated in the C section. They also gave us wristbands for each person in our party.

    At 8:00PM they started to let us in. We waited till a CM came to each group and brought them to their assigned seating (yes it is assigned seating). We had front row - GREAT SEATS. The table had a name tag with our last name and there was some confetti (Mickey ears and Castle) on the table.

    On the way in we noticed there was a photopass photographer positioned so that you could get a picture with the Castle in the background. We did this before we got our food.

    The food - was anywhere from ok to good (I think the Starring Rolls Cafe at DHS is MUCH better in terms of dessert). The spread had about 15 different offerings including glazed donut holes (I guess that was for the kids). They also offered lemonade (pink and yellow), water, milk and I believe coffee/tea. After eating we noticed more folks started to line up against the wall. While our table was right in the front row we decided to go ahead and line up against the wall so our children could view the entire castle, etc.

    As folks were lining up, the table of 6 or so people next to us started to have a fit complaining that people shouldn't be standing in front of them against the wall - that they should be seated at their tables during the entire fireworks show (I found their hissy fit to be quite amusing). They even went and talked to several CM's about this and they were told that folks were/are allowed to stand at the wall. I actually thought they were a bit insensitive to "others" because if you looked at some of the tables in the far back those folks would NOT have very good views if they had to sit through the fireworks. I know when I made the reservation I was told standing room only and I guess that is what they meant - standing room for the actual firework show.

    The fireworks show was great as always. We had a very good view but no better than say 50% of the park had. I also could not hear the music/voice of Jimney Crickett very well in the terrace - it was like they didn't have the music piped in at all in that location. Additionally, the lights in the terrace stayed on during the fireworks show which was a bit of a distraction (I understand they probably did that for safety reasons).

    We tried it (Wishes Dessert) and bottom line while it was ok/fine its definetly not something we will do again in the future.

    If you have any questions I will do my best to answer.
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    Thanks for the honest review! We have been debating whether or not to try it this summer.

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